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5.4 PTR: Initial Thoughts

by on Jun.28, 2013, under Mists of Pandaria

Playing around a bit on PTR with the new tier bonuses and new talents, I’m actually quite excited for the new SotF talent.

The 2pc bonus contributes to ~2.5% overall DPS with the Soul of the Forest talent, and obviously our 4pc bonus will make SotF more attractive, as we’ll be able to swing Eclipses much faster and reduce the CA cooldown even more.  (Plus, it’ll no longer line up with incarnation).  Both of these set bonuses are geared around SotF.  I was noticing that CA was coming off cooldown ~45sec-60 seconds early with the 4pc.  This obviously will slightly devalue berserking for trolls as well as Incarnation.  It could slightly increase Nature’s Vigil though, since you’re going to be able to line up NV with more CA this way.

Soul of the Forest is a very fun talent to manage. It gives a buff called ‘Astral Insight’, which lasts for quite a long duration, giving you some flexibility when you want to pop it.  It makes Eclipse transit time very fast, and I think we’ll get to the point we won’t bother wasting a GCD on an uneclipsed DoT.

Ysera’s Gift is an interesting talent.  If you’re at 100% health, it’ll heal someone near you.  I’m not sure if this is a smart heal, and it’ll heal OTHERS at 100% health as well, which makes your combat log extremely spammy.  Also, it’ll place you in combat as it’ll heal people who are in combat.

Have you had a chance to play on the PTR?  What are your thoughts?

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5.4 PTR — Tons of Changes Ahead!

by on Jun.12, 2013, under General, Mists of Pandaria

According to the data-mining by MMO-Champion, a lot of changes are ahead.  While most of the changes were done to assist restoration druids in their healing issues, there were also some changes to balance druids. (I removed the parts of talents not applicable to balance.  Mouseover them to see the entire new (and old) tooltips).

Spell Changes

  • Innervate Causes the target to regenerate 10% of the caster’s maximum mana over 10 sec. If cast on self, the caster will regenerate an additional 10% of maximum mana over mana equal to 50% of the caster’s Spirit every 1 sec for 10 sec. Can be cast in Tree of Life Form, Moonkin Form. 30 yd range. Instant. 3 min cooldown.
  • Wrath 8.4% 12.6% of Base Mana.
  • Eclipse Your Wrath now generates Lunar Energy and your Starfire now generates Solar Energy. Solar Eclipse When you reach 100 Solar Energy you will trigger a Solar Eclipse, increasing all Nature damage done by 15%. Lunar Eclipse When you reach 100 Lunar Energy you will trigger a Lunar Eclipse, increasing all Arcane damage done by 15% and transforming your Hurricane spell into Astral Storm. When triggered, both Lunar and Solar Eclipse grant 15% spell haste for 15 sec and energize you for 35% 50% of your maximum mana. Druid – Balance Spec.
  • Moonkin Form Shapeshift into Moonkin Form, increasing Arcane and Nature damage you deal by 10% and reducing all damage you take by 15%. The Druid cannot cast healing spells while shapeshifted. While in this form, you increase the spell haste of all party and raid members within 100 yards by 5%. The act of shapeshifting frees the caster of movement impairing effects. Can’t be cast in Tree of Life Form. Druid – Balance Spec. 9.3% of Base Mana. Instant.
  • Starfire 10.3% 15.5% of Base Mana.
  • Starsurge You fuse the power of the moon and sun, launching a devastating blast of energy at the target. Causes [ 4,970 + 238.8% of Spell Power ] Spellstorm damage to the target and generates 20 Lunar or Solar energy, whichever is more beneficial to you. Can be cast in Moonkin Form. Can’t be cast in Tree of Life Form. Druid – Balance Spec. 10.3% 15.5% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. 2 sec cast. 15 sec cooldown.

Talent Changes

  • Dream of Cenarius Wrath, Starfire, Starsurge, and melee abilities increase healing done by your next healing spell by 30%. Tranquility is not affected. Nourish, Healing Touch, and Regrowth increase the damage done by your next 2 Moonfire or Sunfire casts by 50% or by your next 2 melee abilities by 25%. Each of these bonuses lasts 30 sec. Druid – LvL 90 Talent. The Emerald Dream grants a benefit which varies by your combat specialization. Balance Increases healing from Healing Touch by 20% and casting Healing Touch increases the damage bonus of your next Eclipse by 10%.
  • Heart of the Wild Increases Stamina, Agility, and Intellect by 6% at all times. When activated, increases all healing done and, dramatically improves the Druid’s ability to perform roles outside of their normal specialization for 45 sec. Grants the following benefits based on current specialization: Non-Guardian While in Bear Form, Agility, Expertise, Hit Chance, and armor bonuses increased, Vengeance granted, chance to be hit by melee critical strikes reduced. Non-Feral While in Cat Form, Agility, Hit Chance, and Expertise increased. Non-Restoration Healing increased and mana cost of all healing spells reduced by 100%. Guardian Druids may also cast Rejuvenation while shapeshifted.
  • Mass Entanglement Roots your target in place for 20 sec and spreads to additional nearby enemies. Affects 5 total targets. Damage caused may interrupt the effect. Useable in all shapeshift forms. Can’t be cast in Flight Form. Limited to 5 targets. Druid – LvL 45 Talent. 30 yd range. Instant. 30 sec cooldown.
  • Nature’s Vigil Increases all damage and healing done by 10% for 30 sec. While active, all single-target healing spells also damage a nearby enemy target for 25% of the healing done, and all single-target healing and damage spells and abilities also heal a nearby friendly target for 25% of the damage amount done. Druid – LvL 90 Talent. Instant. 1.5 min cooldown.
  • Soul of the Forest Aessina’s blessing grants a benefit which varies by your combat specialization. Balance Your Wrath, Starfire, and Starsurge casts have a 8% chance to cause your next Astral Communion to instantly advance you to the next Eclipse.
  • Ysera’s Gift (New) Every 5 sec, heals you for 5% of your maximum health. If you are at full health, the most injured nearby ally will be healed instead. Can’t be cast in Moonkin Form. 30 yd range. Instant.

So, to recap:

Innervate is being nerfed for balance druids.  Since it now revolves around the caster’s spirit, a resto druid innervate will regen much more mana than balance.  Our spell costs are being increased, but our mana return from Eclipse is being increased as well.

Moonkin Form is being nerfed in that it no longer grants 15% passive damage reduction.

Our level 90 talents have all been re-worked, although only DoC really changes, the other changes were to boost restoration. Dream of Cenarius now grants a boost to Eclipse damage, but with the removal of Nature’s Swiftness, you’ll have to hardcast a heal to get to it.

Mass Entanglement is having it’s root cap limit removed.

Soul of the Forest is being re-worked to give a chance to instantly swap to an Eclipse (by choice), by tethering the instant Eclipse to Astral Communion.

My thoughts:

I’m glad restoration has been given some perks, but it seems it was done at the cost of the other specs.  Removing Nature’s Swiftness is a pretty big survival nerf to moonkin, and makes Dream of Cenarius (even reworked) a pain, as it requires hardcasting.  It seems that now restoration is the only “non-hybrid” spec, as they can heal and get full range of benefits of all talent choices.  Restoration also saw boosts in areas like Nature’s Vigil, that will boost their healing — even when healing.  It’d be nice to see that our damage also caused splash damage as well.

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