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Cataclysm Countdown: 3 Days

by on Dec.04, 2010, under Cataclysm, General

3 days until Cataclysm hits, and I’ve begun my preparations.  I’m about 3/4th the way done with filling my quest log with daily quests that I can turn in quickly, and I’ve assembled my crack quest team.

For the next 3 days I’ve decided to wear a different WotLK Tier set to honor the expansion.  (And because I’m bored).  I must say,  Dreamwalker looks *AMAZING* on trolls.

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Cataclysm Dev Chat: Moonkin Form

by on Nov.18, 2010, under Cataclysm

In the Dev Chat, the following question was posed:

Is the Moonkin form for troll and worgen on the beta and ptr the final form or is it just a placeholder?

The very brief answer:


I hope to god this is a joke.  This is really pathetic if once again, Blizzard manages to re-work out for every other shapeshift (including one that is on a 3 minute cooldown), but can’t be bothered to re-work the NEW moonkin form, let alone the legacy forms.

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4.0.3a to PTR servers. Expect The Shattering next week!

by on Nov.17, 2010, under Cataclysm

4.0.3a has been released to the PTR servers, and is marked as a release. The shattering is now live on the PTR.

Without further adieu, I present to you Sunfyre, the Troll Druid!

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MMO-Champion: Troll Swift Flight Form Released!

by on Nov.10, 2010, under Cataclysm

No guys, there is no new moonkin forms yet for troll or worgen, but our friends at MMO-Champion have been able to pull together the Troll Swift Flight Form. It looks AMAZING!

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Gripe of the Week #2: Worgen & Troll Moonkin Forms

by on Oct.15, 2010, under Cataclysm, Gripe of the Week

Let me first start out with this:  If these forms go live, I’m done with my druid.  Blizzard will have exemplified what they really feel about the balance druid class if they can’t be bothered to design new moonkin forms.

All druid forms used to be placeholders.  They said this in alpha (before classic WoW was released), and it took until Wrath of the Lich King to update bear and cat forms.  Then, worgen and troll druids made an appearance, and you’ve seen the amazing work that’s gone into creating worgen and troll bear and cat forms.  Now, even the tree of life has a new model, which, at maximum, has a 16.67% uptime.

With all these changes, you’d think that even if Tauren and Night-Elf moonkin didn’t get new models, they’d at least make neat Worgen and Troll models, right?

Wrong.  I present to you the newest Worgen and Troll moonkin forms on beta. (Courtesy Lissanna@Restokin). Notice how the troll form has TAUREN HORNS and the Worgen have NIGHT-ELF EARS.

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Troll / Worgen models updated

by on Sep.10, 2010, under Cataclysm

Blizzard has updated the Troll and Worgen feral forms.  Of course, there still is no Moonkin preview.

I’m going to be pissed if Worgen druids end up running around with floppy night elf ears and trolls run around with tauren horns.

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Troll Druids unearthed!

by on Sep.07, 2010, under Cataclysm

During the Echo Isles battle questline, the Troll Druids are discovered thanks to some very sneaky frogs.  Who else is ready to race change already?

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