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5.4 PTR: Initial Thoughts

by on Jun.28, 2013, under Mists of Pandaria

Playing around a bit on PTR with the new tier bonuses and new talents, I’m actually quite excited for the new SotF talent.

The 2pc bonus contributes to ~2.5% overall DPS with the Soul of the Forest talent, and obviously our 4pc bonus will make SotF more attractive, as we’ll be able to swing Eclipses much faster and reduce the CA cooldown even more.  (Plus, it’ll no longer line up with incarnation).  Both of these set bonuses are geared around SotF.  I was noticing that CA was coming off cooldown ~45sec-60 seconds early with the 4pc.  This obviously will slightly devalue berserking for trolls as well as Incarnation.  It could slightly increase Nature’s Vigil though, since you’re going to be able to line up NV with more CA this way.

Soul of the Forest is a very fun talent to manage. It gives a buff called ‘Astral Insight’, which lasts for quite a long duration, giving you some flexibility when you want to pop it.  It makes Eclipse transit time very fast, and I think we’ll get to the point we won’t bother wasting a GCD on an uneclipsed DoT.

Ysera’s Gift is an interesting talent.  If you’re at 100% health, it’ll heal someone near you.  I’m not sure if this is a smart heal, and it’ll heal OTHERS at 100% health as well, which makes your combat log extremely spammy.  Also, it’ll place you in combat as it’ll heal people who are in combat.

Have you had a chance to play on the PTR?  What are your thoughts?

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5.4 PTR Patch :: Soul of the Forest nerfed

by on Jun.20, 2013, under General, Mists of Pandaria

Soul of the Forest was slightly nerfed on the PTR:

  • Soul of the Forest Balance proc now grants 100 Lunar or Solar Power instead of advancing you to the next Eclipse.

This means you cannot instantly skip Solar Eclipses and stay in Lunar, which was one of the advantages we were seeing to SotF.

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5.2 :: Balance Druid Changes!

by on Dec.22, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

The PTR notes have been released for 5.2, and others have been datamined by our friends over at MMO-Champion.  I’ve parsed the notes to only show relevant balance druid changes.

Datamined changes:

Reviewing these changes, it looks like Heart of the Wild may become more attractive.  While mathmatically, Nature’s Vigil will remain unchanged, it loses the power it had when we stacked it with Incarnation.  I still do not think we’ll look at Cenarion Ward — the versatility of Nature’s Swiftness (including the ability to NS rez) is just too attractive.  Cyclone hit ferals hard (they now have a 30 second cooldown), but I’m not sure if the DR change will affect us too much.  I’m still skeptical about Force of Nature.  I think it’s there just to be there.

The Soul of the Forest change seems interesting, but the thing to note is it only affects one side of Eclipse:  Lunar to Solar will still require two non-Eclipsed Starfire casts.  This will shorten the Solar to Lunar, though, only requiring two non-Eclipsed Wrath casts, instead of the previous three.  (And 4 without SotF).  As Hamlet pointed out, as unattractive as Wrath is (especially non-Eclipsed), this may prove to be very useful.

What are your opinions?

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Pandaria Parses: Level 60 Talents

by on Apr.15, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

I got bored today and created some more parses for the different level 60 talents.  I ran four parses for Soul of the Forest and then Incarnation, before I realized that Incarnation was actually broken and not giving any bonus damage while in Eclipse.  Essentially, the four ‘Incarnation’ parses became baseline parses (where no level 60 talent was used).

I ran one parse for Force of Nature.  I didn’t bother running more as my damage was right in line with my baseline parse, and I really don’t see the RNG for Treants really changing a whole lot.

Comparing Soul of the Forest to baseline, the talent adds between 550k-900k damage during a 3 minute fight.  Force of Nature only added a bonus 158k damage.  It’ll obviously need to be tweaked — and quite a bit — for it to be in line.  Also, while the ‘Wrath’ tooltip for the trees makes it look like it inherits your Eclipse damage and haste, it does not.  Those are probably two good starting points to bring the damage back in line.  They’ll also probably need to revert it’s damage as well.  (The damage was halved when the cooldown was extended.).

Here are the parses if you’d like to see them:

SotF Mean: 5.7 mil, Baseline Mean: 5.08 mil, FoN mean: 5.27 mil

Soul of the Forest (parse 1) — 5.6 mil

Soul of the Forest (parse 2) — 5.8 mil

Soul of the Forest (parse 3) — 5.88 mil

Soul of the Forest (parse 4) — 5.51 mil

Baseline (parse 1) — 5 mil

Baseline (parse 2) — 5.24 mil

Baseline (parse 3) — 5.06 mil

Baseline (parse 4) — 5.03 mil

Force of Nature (parse 1) — 5.27 mil

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WoL Parses: Level 60 Tier

by on Apr.04, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Here’s parses of all three talent options at level 60. The results are surprising, and I’m going to re-run them to validate.

One thing I did notice, however, is that Soul of the Forest does not proc after Celestial Alignment.

Since I could not get Darnassus to myself, you’ll have to look directly at my damage summary and not the overall.



Soul of the Forest:


Force of Nature:


Hercdeisel was kind enough to crunch these through Comparebot for us. Here’s the results.

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