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Weekly Roll-Up: The End of Raiding, No 5.2 PvE Pass

by on Feb.01, 2013, under General, Weekly Roll-Up

Howdy fellow moonkin!

If you’ve been following my Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve stepped down from raiding and canceled my active subscription. Sunfyre’s Nest is about to turn four, and I’m too old to keep spending as many hours as I have killing internet dragons. Unfortunately I’m an “all or nothing” type player, so I can’t really play casually. This won’t affect my blogging, and I’m going to try to actually editorialize more and provide a weekly roll-up of news and opinions from the last week. I will still be an active participant and moderator in the MMO-Champion Druid Forums.

In actual balance druid news, don’t be dismayed that we haven’t seen much PvE balancing in 5.2. In a response to a PTR question, Ghostcrawler stated the following:

This is a legit PvE nerf, but a very, very small one and as I said, we haven’t made any PvE numbers adjustments to anyone yet. This one is easy to fix without PvP risk and it makes a glyph less mandatory for its DPS benefits.

It does appear the Nature’s Vigil was a PvP nerf. Hopefully we will see some sort of change to counter it for PvE.

Also, if you’ve been following the soap opera that is known as Cyclone, it’s now back to 20 yards, with the 2-piece PvP bonus extending it’s range by 5 yards. Ferals will be hit with a 20 second cooldown.

Still haven’t heard why Force of Nature doesn’t scale with Solar Eclipse. Apparently it’s intended.

That’s all I’ve got for this week!

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My thoughts on Cataclysm Raids

by on Dec.18, 2010, under General

I’ve finally taken a break from the endless raid grind and have a few moments to share some of my thoughts on the raiding experience.

First off:  I love it.

Cataclysm raids are much harder then those found in Wrath of the Lich King.  I would put the comparable difficult of standard Cataclysm Raids to that of heroic modes in Icecrown Citadel.  So far I’ve killed 11/12 bosses, and I have yet to come across a gear check.  These fights are all about execution and individual responsibility.  We probably spent about 10 hours beating our head against Cho’gall until we figured out our weak point and were able to fix it within an hour.

As for moonkin in PvE, I think we play a very vital role.  I find our DPS to be comparable to any other class, plus our utility of rebirth, and ESPECIALLY our innervate, is really crucial to most fights.

We do have our shortfalls, however, and I think our main one right now is AoE.  We simply cannot withstand to hurricane, and without splash damage, Starfall is no longer a very decent AoE.  Wild Mushrooms can do some incredible damage, but with their 3 yard explosion radius and their three individual cast times, you can often find yourself losing a lot of DPS due to exploding mushrooms with nothing around.  I think the Wild Mushroom mechanic needs to be worked on.  I’d like to see an ability to drop all mushrooms at once, as well as the range doubled.  (I personally think the explosion range should match the fungal growth range of 8 yards.).

As for mana, I generally do not have issues.  If I used my own innervates, I definitely would not.  I use [item]Glyph of Innervate[/item] and innervate a healer on cooldown.  The only time I run into mana issues is when I cannot continue to hardcast my standard rotation, and generally trying to get back into my rotation fixes my mana issues.

By the way, if you’re raiding, make sure you have the [item]Glyph of Rebirth[/item].  It’s priceless.

Soon I will post a screenshot of me riding my [item]Reins of the Drake of the South Wind[/item] that [npc]46753[/npc] decided to give me tonight.

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