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Pandaria Parses: Level 60 Talents

by on Apr.15, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

I got bored today and created some more parses for the different level 60 talents.  I ran four parses for Soul of the Forest and then Incarnation, before I realized that Incarnation was actually broken and not giving any bonus damage while in Eclipse.  Essentially, the four ‘Incarnation’ parses became baseline parses (where no level 60 talent was used).

I ran one parse for Force of Nature.  I didn’t bother running more as my damage was right in line with my baseline parse, and I really don’t see the RNG for Treants really changing a whole lot.

Comparing Soul of the Forest to baseline, the talent adds between 550k-900k damage during a 3 minute fight.  Force of Nature only added a bonus 158k damage.  It’ll obviously need to be tweaked — and quite a bit — for it to be in line.  Also, while the ‘Wrath’ tooltip for the trees makes it look like it inherits your Eclipse damage and haste, it does not.  Those are probably two good starting points to bring the damage back in line.  They’ll also probably need to revert it’s damage as well.  (The damage was halved when the cooldown was extended.).

Here are the parses if you’d like to see them:

SotF Mean: 5.7 mil, Baseline Mean: 5.08 mil, FoN mean: 5.27 mil

Soul of the Forest (parse 1) — 5.6 mil

Soul of the Forest (parse 2) — 5.8 mil

Soul of the Forest (parse 3) — 5.88 mil

Soul of the Forest (parse 4) — 5.51 mil

Baseline (parse 1) — 5 mil

Baseline (parse 2) — 5.24 mil

Baseline (parse 3) — 5.06 mil

Baseline (parse 4) — 5.03 mil

Force of Nature (parse 1) — 5.27 mil

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Incarnation: New art planned for Moonkin, Bear, and Cat

by on Apr.14, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

You just may see armor on your Moonkin after all.  Ghostcrawlerconfirmed today that there will be graphics solely set aside for incarnation, although it may not be entirely new art.  Maybe, as one poster requested, they’ll put us on ponies.

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MoP Beta Build: Exciting Balance Changes

by on Apr.11, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

MMO-Champion has datamined another set of changes for Mists.  Here’s what they’ve found:

  • Force of Nature – Duration increased to 60 sec, up from 30.
  • Incarnation: Chosen of Elune – No longer doubles Solar and Lunar power generation. Instead increases all Arcane and Nature damage done while Eclipse is active by ?%.
  • Rebirth – No longer requires a Maple Seed.

It looks like from this they’re attempting to buff our options to Soul of the Forest.  I’m not sure these were the correct ways of doing it, but at least attention is there.  The numbers aren’t out yet to really see how decent the changes are, but I’ll try to run numbers as soon as possible.

The change to rebirth means they’re either destroying the Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth or changing it.  In a positive note, it means you can be a stag, orca, and astral druid all at the same time!


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WoL Parses: Level 60 Tier

by on Apr.04, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Here’s parses of all three talent options at level 60. The results are surprising, and I’m going to re-run them to validate.

One thing I did notice, however, is that Soul of the Forest does not proc after Celestial Alignment.

Since I could not get Darnassus to myself, you’ll have to look directly at my damage summary and not the overall.



Soul of the Forest:


Force of Nature:


Hercdeisel was kind enough to crunch these through Comparebot for us. Here’s the results.

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Day 3 MoP Moonkin Round-Up..

by on Mar.24, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

This is a bit early to post the round up, but I’ll be traveling this evening and may not get to post.

A few more details are coming out from beta.

Wowhead has an updated talent calculator available.  A few changes can be noted:

  • Incarnation now doubles eclipse energy in and out of an Eclipse, causing you to transition Eclipses much faster.
    • This should be a much larger DPS increase than extending an Eclipse like before.
  • Ursol’s Vortex now snares all targets within it’s range, and when they try to leave, they’re sucked back to the center.
    • It used to just suck them to the center, now they have a pretty nasty snare on top of it.  Much nicer for PVP.

Insect Swarm is missing from beta.  It’s theorized that it is an intentional removal and will either be re-tooled or removed completely.

Erdluf of ElitistJerks compares spell co-efficients of our spells in MoP versus Cataclysm:

Spell MoP Cata Ratio
Wr 1.109 0.879 1.26
MF 0.227 0.180 1.26
SF 1.553 1.23 1.26
SS 1.548 1.23 1.26
Hu 0.262 0.095 2.76
Sfl 0.117 0.247 0.47
WMD 0.349 0.603 0.58

Our direct nukes were increased by 26%, which may be to offset the loss of Insect Swarm.

  • However, we also lost 14% damage from talents.
    • 10% from Earth and Moon
    • 4% from Master Shapeshifter

It’s also interesting to note the 50% nerf to Starfall.  I’m willing to absorb that given how much more often Starfall will now be cast, and knowing that it will always be lined up with Lunar Eclipse.

Wild Mushrooms were also nerfed by 42%, however Hurricane/Arcane Storm saw a 176% increase, which is welcome, as it allows us to have viable AoE in both Lunar and Solar Eclipse.

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Day 2 MoP Round-Up

by on Mar.23, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Another exciting day of discoveries in Pandaria.  I’m still waiting for my beta key. *grump*.  The biggest revelation is the symbiosis assignments.  An entire post devoted to that can be found below.

  • Hamlet has derived the spell power coefficient for Force of Nature.  It is much better than the current values:
    • Base damage = 475 average (450-500 range)
    • Spellpower scaling = 0.2552
  • Multiple sources have also verified that true to the new tooltip, Wrath now gives 15 energy, and not the 13/13/14 energy it currently gives.
  • Celestial Alignment also seems to preserve the initial ‘Eclipse alignment’ when it expires.  If you cast celestial alignment after a wipe, when you’re at 0 energy, for example, you can use Wrath or Starfire once Celestial Alignment is over to push the energy in the direction desired.  Conversely, if you cast celestial alignment immediately after Lunar Eclipse expires, it’ll point towards Wrath afterwards.
  • Sunfire remains on your toolbar until Lunar Eclipse is achieved.  It does not return to Moonfire as soon as Solar Eclipse expires.
  • Starsurge extends DoT duration while in Eclipse.  It’ll only extend the associated Eclipse’s DoT.
  • Lissanna reports that the Incarnation mechanic differs from that in the Talent Calculator
    • It now currently doubles Eclipse energy spent/gained, whether in or out of Eclipse.
      • Casting Wrath always consumes or gives 30 Energy, Starfire gives 40 energy
    • This is preferred because it gives near 100% DoT uptime, and transitioning to each Eclipse is now more important then lingering in one.
      • Especially since Starfall refreshes every Lunar Eclipse.
  • Lissanna also reported that the Glyphed Tree of Life is the Treant graphic from Burning Crusade, not the Cataclysm tree.


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