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Crimson Halls hotfixes

by on Jan.22, 2010, under General

There were some hotfixes to Crimson Halls today.  The Blood Queen hotfix seems to make her much easier.  Congratulations to the 160 or so guilds worldwide who killed her pre-nerf!

Blood Prince Council

  • Prince Keleseth will no longer melee players. So if you get knocked into Keleseth or happen to move by him, he won’t swipe in between his casts and kill a non-tank.
  • The first Shadow Resonance should appear earlier in the fight, which will allow the Keleseth tank to have more orbs on him or her if Keleseth is empowered second instead of third. We didn’t want which Blood Prince was empowered second to be a major element of the difficulty in the fight.
  • We reduced the melee damage for the Princes by 10% for the 10 player difficulty. They were doing less damage than the 25 player before the hotfix, but this change lowers the damage further.
  • Empowered Flames will now run out of power after shooting fewer firebolts in the 10 player difficulty. We did not change the initial impact damage.

Blood-Queen Lana’thel

  • The Blood-Queen is no longer spawned until the Blood Princes dies. This will prevent any unfortunate entry of her highness while a raid is fighting the Blood Princes. The initial hotfix for this causes the Blood-Queen to not spawn at all in a particular circumstance, but this was also fixed last night.
  • We increased the duration of Essence of the Blood Queen to 60 seconds in 25 player difficulty, and 75 seconds in 10 player difficulty. A strategy developed for managing the Essences throughout the fight that involved intentionally killing a player, and this change addresses that strategy. The new timing does interact with some of her other abilities in new ways, but there are methods that players have to lessen that impact.

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Heroic ToC Hot Fixes

by on Sep.08, 2009, under General

Daelo and Bornakk just posted the following hot-fixes to the HToC encounter:

We just hotfixed the following changes to the Trial of the Grand Crusader (aka Heroic mode).

Northrend Beasts

  • Fixed a bug where the flag that prevents a creature from gaining attack speed after a parry was inadvertently left off [npc]Gormok the Impaler[/npc]. This bug is fixed in normal mode as well.
  • [npc]Gormok the Impaler[/npc] no longer attacks quickly after a parry in any difficulty.
  • Increased the amount of time players have to defeat the encounter before [npc]Icehowl[/npc] berserks.
  • You have an extra half second to get out of the way of a very angry charging Yeti. Players with high ping rejoice.
  • [npc]Icehowl[/npc] will become tauntable. (This particular element isn’t hotfixed quite yet, but should be shortly).
  • Icehowl takes a bit longer to enter the arena in 10- and 25-player Heroic modes.
  • Icehowl takes longer to berserk in both 10- and 25-player Heroic modes.

[npc]Lord Jaraxxus[/npc]

  • Infernal Eruption will now spawn an additional [npc]Felflame Infernal[/npc] the instant the eruption occurs.
  • [npc]Nether Portal[/npc] now summons [npc]Mistress of Pain[/npc] slightly more often.
  • For both 10- and 25-player heroic modes, the [npc]Felflame Infernal[/npc]s and [npc]Mistress of Pain[/npc] will spawn a little quicker in the [npc]Lord Jaraxxus[/npc] encounter.

My comments:

Northrend Beasts did seem a lot more managable then last week, although I think we were a bit more prepared going into the fight.  The tanks didn’t seem to have nearly as much spike damage, especially after four stacks of [spell]Rising Anger[/spell].  There DPS check before the Jormungar’s come out hasn’t changed though, so you still have to burn the boss and for the most part ignore the snobolds.  The worm phase seems managable.. if you can keep your melee from dying when the worms re-appear and one-shot them.  We kept all ranged on [npc]Acidmaw[/npc] the entire time, and when he became the melee worm, sent our melee after him and bloodlusted.  We lost a few melee and came up against the enrage timer on Icehowl, but nuked him before he could wipe all of us.  The [spell]68335[/spell] damage from [npc]Dreadscale[/npc] didn’t seem to be that bad.

[npc]Lord Jaraxxus[/npc] however became a much larger problem.  The [npc]Nether Portal[/npc] and [npc]Infernal Volcano[/npc] spawn the Infernals and Mistresses at a much faster rate, so there’s a pretty high DPS check on destroying them.  We bloodlusted at the start of the fight, and the bloodlust carried through the first nether portal, allowing us to destroy it with only one mistress up.  Every subsequent portal, we had two mistresses to deal with.  Not only must you have high DPS on your portals/infernals, you have to have flawless execution of [spell]68124[/spell], healing for [spell]Incinerate Flesh[/spell], and properly trash spells for [spell]67907[/spell].   If you get Mistress’ Kiss, I would suggest you hit [spell]barkskin[/spell] immediately before trashing a spell, as the lockout also causes 8-10k damage, and the Mistress likes to pain spike you immediately after.  The two of them back to back unmitigated will kill you.  Power Auras is a great mod to warn for both [spell]68124[/spell] and [spell]67907[/spell].


Faction Champions

While they haven’t “hot fixed” Faction Champions, per se, the upcoming 3.2.2 patch is going to make this fight severely harder due to the [spell]Fan of Knives[/spell] and [spell rank=2]Throwing Specialization[/spell] nerf.  As you can see, we’re still utilizing it heavy.  I would suggest you practice (at least on non-heroic mode) not using FoK to get the hang of it.

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