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Moonkin DPS Rotation Tutorial Video

by on Dec.30, 2010, under General

I’ve created a moonkin DPS rotation tutorial video.  This is my first attempt at using my MacBook to capture the actual WoW video, and my first time editing together a video in this fashion.  Enjoy!

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Gripe of the Week: “Nerf Moonkin!”

by on Oct.14, 2010, under Gripe of the Week

Have you noticed lately that everyone is crying “Nerf Moonkin!”, and that it generally comes from classes that have had insanely high DPS numbers all along (and now actually have to compete for the #1 spot)?  Let me make a few things clear.

Moonkin were not “buffed”.  They were fixed.

  • Moonkin used to have a 400 haste soft cap and a 42% crit (raid buffed) cap. After this point, Wrath did not benefit from haste and starfire did not benefit from crit.
  • Insect Swarm and Moonfire previously did not benefit from haste, or crit, and moonfire was on a 3 second timer.
  • Insect Swarm and Moonfire did not benefit from Eclipse.

Now, moonkin actually benefit from haste and crit at ALL levels and on ALL spells.  This allows us to scale properly, unlike before where we effectively received 50% effectiveness from any gear upgrade we received at high/ICC gear levels.

The moonkin got up from the back of the bus, and they’re not going back.

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Burst damage coming to Balance Druids?

by on Feb.21, 2010, under General

Ghostcrawler commented recently about wanting to give balance druids more burst damage for PVP, and admitted it might spill over into PvE as well.  He also mentions they don’t plan on changing Tranquility to raid wide.  Sorry restos.

The patch notes are not done. While, frankly, Tranquility is not something we’re going to mess with, we do want to add more burst to Balance for PvP purposes. If some of that spills over into PvE for more damage overall, I don’t think many druids would complain.

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Why Moonkin are broken..

by on Nov.25, 2009, under General

I originally wrote this as a comment to Qieth’s post over at Qieth’s Quips, but I thought I’d share it here.  This is using World of Logs, looking at the top DPS of each encounter, and the top moonkin.  I think it’s pretty self explanatory in that Moonkin are broken.

Northrend Beasts:

Top DPS: 8994
Top Moonkin: 7550
Moonkin was at 83.9% of max DPS

Lord Jaraxxus:

Top DPS: 15542, huge delta, second was 12183
Top Moonkin: 9067
Moonkin was at 74.5% / 58% of max DPS

Faction Champions (Alliance)
Top DPS: 18432
Top Moonkin: 7137
Moonkin was at 38% of max DPS

Faction Champions (Horde)
Top DPS: 15742
Top Moonkin: 7134
Moonkin was at 45% of max DPS

Twin Val’kyrs:
Top DPS: 18129
Top Moonkin: 12945
Moonkin was at 71.4% of max DPS

Top DPS: 12672
Top Moonkin: 8602
Moonkin was at 67.8% of max DPS

And just for giggles..

Top DPS: 11301
Top Moonkin: 7665
Moonkin was at 67.8% of max DPS

I think that a 20% on average difference in DPS is a bit steep for a “hybrid tax”.

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Response to Reader Questions

by on Oct.19, 2009, under Reader Questions

I just had a reader email me with some questions regarding TotC/TotGC, and I’d like to take the time to answer them and help him and possibly others out.  These are just my opinions and I’m betting others can give their input as well.

Wanted to say that I’ve been reading your blog regularly and quite enjoy it.  :)  I’m a recent conversion to moonkin after a full career of resto, and I really appreciate the tips I’m picking up.

I wondered if you’d consider a blog entry about some moonkin specific questions w/r to Tot(G)C.  If not, maybe you’d just e-mail me your thoughts on these questions.

1.  Northrend Beasts.  What’s the best thing to do when Icehowl is stunned?  Does this change if there is heroism?
I try to pop cooldowns when Icehowl is stunned.  I starfall and throw treants.  I generally don’t waste time with GCDs putting DoTs up, I just try to proc Lunar Eclipse ASAP and drop a few Starfire crits on him.

2.  Jarraxus.  I always seem to be on the wrong side and have to run for the adds.  Is there certain positioning that is better here?
I’ve always done the “Star Method” on Jaraxxus.  If you look at the floor below you, you’ll see there’s a star.  We stack our ranged in clumps of two at each of the points around the star.  Unless the mistress decides to book after someone who’s running away from legion flames, you should always have range on her.

3.  Val’kyr.  If not on soaker duty, do you actively pursue orbs?  Or just dps and let them come to you?
I don’t actively pursue them unless they’re a few steps away.  I do actively dodge the opposite color orbs though. ;)

4.  Anub.  What’s the best way to keep dps up during P2?  I’ve been doting scarabs as they emerge, and aoeing them once they are gathered, but my dps is still weak (relative to the raid).
Don’t know what to tell you regarding your DPS being weak.  It probably will stay that way, unless they change our mechanics.  I still like direct damaging Anub’arak during phase 1 instead of AoE, because our AoE on 5 targets isn’t that strong and it consumes a lot of mana.  I believe us staying directly on Anub’arak *is* important though.  If you look at DPS charts of damage done to Anub’arak, you should be in the top 1-2.  It’s important to keep enough damage in him to get him into phase 3 after two kite phases.  As for DPS during phase 2, I generally make up some chart space in phase 2 by finishing off the burrowers at the beginning, then staying on the scarabs.  I don’t bother much with AoE, just pick them off as they pop up.

Thanks for your time.  :)

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Praise the Loot Gods

by on Sep.29, 2009, under Gear Discussion

The loot gods smiled at me tonight in Trial of the Crusader, and I was able to pick up [item]47422[/item], and then by virtue of being the only druid in the raid, I picked up [item]47438[/item].  I think this puts me at 9 slots BiS towards my T8/T9 BiS list.  I’m hoping for [item]47469[/item] next.  The non-leather pieces, (ring, cloak, trinkets) are going to be the hardest to pick up.

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Anub’arak update

by on Sep.28, 2009, under General

Not much more to update on [npc]34564[/npc].  Still struggling in phase 3, or more recently, even getting to phase 3.  After looking at our own parses and other guilds parses who’ve killed him, this just doesn’t seem to be a good fight for moonkin dps.  I think our best option is to stay on Anub’arak, and only AoE when adds are up right after he burrows, but that still keeps me in the bottom quartile.

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Moonkin Guide: ToC BiS

by on Sep.27, 2009, under Gear Discussion

I’ve drafted a moonkin guide for ToC BiS, but I really would like your input into it.    It’s done from a Horde point of view, and includes a few different gear combinations.   The BiS guide is available to the right under “Moonkin Guides”, or you can click here.

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Patchwerk revisited

by on Sep.25, 2009, under General

I’vpatchwerke always been curious to see my DPS on Patchwerk.  When I was at the end of raiding Naxx25, my best DPS output was about 5800 DPS (with [spell]Power Infusion[/spell] and [item]Potion of Speed[/item]).  I took the chance today to join a pug and do Naxx25 today, and I was surprised by the result.  I knew my DPS had obviously increased with the gear I have now, but as fights continuously get harder (and more mobile), there’s no real decent metric in our current content to compare against Patchwerk.  I didn’t have PI, nor did I pop potions for this kill.

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Malygos, revisited.

by on Sep.19, 2009, under General

MalygosForceful Entry decided to PUG Malygos 25.  We sort of stacked ranged, and blew bloodlust with two sparks.  Killed him in 5:11 with 4 PUGs doing less damage then the tank.

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