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Weekly Roll-Up :: 5.2 Initial PvE pass, minor balance buff

by on Feb.08, 2013, under General, Mists of Pandaria

Not a lot has happened in 5.2 news this week, although Ghostcrawler did end up revealing a slight buff to balance druids tonight.

Note this is an initial pass and numbers may vary.  From the PTR forum, Ghostcrawler writes:

I may regret this, because I don’t know that I can capture every one and we iterate on this stuff really rapidly.

We may change a number one day and change it again the next when we look at AE or PvP damage or whatever. If frequent iteration scares you, look away! But in the interest of providing context and helping theorycrafting, I’ll give it a go.DPS Tuning Adjustments-

Arms – Increased Deep Wounds by +100%

Balance – Increased Starfire, Wrath and Starsurge by 9%.

Mind Blast – Increased Mind Blast by 20%. (Yeah I know you have to stop and cast it modulo procs, but I meant in contrast to Mind Flay which makes you really plant.)

I’m glad we do have a buff to our sustained damage, and this will compensate for the nerf to Nature’s Vigil, but it still doesn’t resolve our core issues we have around movement and Nature’s Grace.  We’re too dependent on Nature’s Grace for both our AoE DPS as well as our single target DPS, and utilizing it for our AoE DPS just nerfs our continued single target after.  Unless the plan is just to make us do so much turret DPS we can afford to take the damage loss during movement, but I don’t see that as being the case, at least not with a 9% increase, and that would just make us overpowered on Patchwerk style fights.

Anyways, it’s a start, let’s see where continued passes take us.

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Beta Build 15739: Moonkin Buffs

by on Jun.01, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Beta Build 15739 will be released shortly, and included are many moonkin buffs.

With these buffs, it’s important to know that not only did the base damage get increased by 10%, the spell coefficient did as well.

  • Moonfire damage was increased by 10%.
  • Starfall damage was increased by 10%.
  • Wrath damage was increased by 10%.
  • Starfire damage was increased by 10%.
  • Starsurge damage was increased by 10%.
  • Astral Communion: Commune with the sun and moon, gaining 15 (was 20) Lunar or Solar energy every 1 sec for 7 sec (was 5 sec)

I’m not concerned about the nerf to Astral Communion.  It clearly was not designed to be a DPS rotation ability, and the modification clears that up a bit.

Also, it looks like we will have some Woodland Creature friends:

  • Glyph of Mark of the Wild has been renamed Glyph of Charm Woodland Creature: Teaches you the ability Charm Woodland Creature. Allows the Druid to befriend an ambient creature, which will follow the Druid for 60 min.

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Mists of Pandaria Buff Strategy Released

by on Mar.09, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Ghostcrawler recently released the buff strategy for Mists.

While some buffs were removed, the strategy is similar to that of Cataclysm, where multiple classes will bring identical buffs to the raid.

There are no major changes that affect druid, however Mark of the Wild was retooled to only affect throughput stats.  That means it will no longer buff stamina.

Also, there is a new mastery buff that will be provided by some classes.

Here’s the buffs / debuffs we provide:

Effect: +5% Strength, Agility, and Intellect
Example: Blessing of Kings
Brought by: Any druid, any monk, any paladin

Spell Haste
Effect: +5% spell haste
Example: Moonkin Aura
Brought by: Balance druids, Shadow priests, Elemental shaman

Weakened Armor
Effect: -12% armor
Example: Sunder Armor
Brought by: Any druid, any rogue, any warrior


Here’s the information on the new mastery buff.  I’m going to venture a guess that Ghostcrawler meant 5%, and not 5 mastery.

Effect: +5 mastery
Example: This is a new category
Brought by: Windwalker monks, any paladin, any shaman

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Breaking News: Earth & Moon scheduled to be buffed

by on Jan.13, 2010, under General

Blues announced today that while no major changes to Balance druids will occur in 3.3.2 due to large changes require much more play testing before going live, and are not suitable for minor patches, they DID announce that they plan on increasing the passive damage of [spell]Earth and Moon[/spell] to 2/4/6% from 1/2/3%.  This will be a nice buff, and will help replace the 4pc T9 bonus when we break it for the 2pc T10.

At least they’re (sort of) listening.

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