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TotGC Guide: Anub’arak

by on Nov.26, 2009, under General

I figure it’s been long enough since I’ve updated my TotGC guide, I should probably update it with Anub’arak, and the strategy we (Seriously Casual) use to down it.  We usually use two warriors, with one in a full block set tanking adds.  (3500 gearscore, anyone?)

Phase 1

Okay, phase 1 is fairly straight forward.  I blow my treants right away (they should be up again before phase 3) and begin to direct damage the boss.  Once the 4 adds come out and the tank has them (hunters misdirect), I blow Starfall, and do one Hurricane cast.

I do NOT hurricane a second time, because adds will begin dying during the middle of the second hurricane, and it’s a big DPS loss.  The melee who are cleaving should have no problem finishing them.  I refresh dots and resume DPS on Anub’arak.  When the second round of adds appear, I again throw down one hurricane before returning to Anub’arak.

Phase 2 (Burrow phase)

The way we do the burrow phase is a ping pong method.  We never burn the ice patch which we’ve been using to tank him on (slightly offcenter to the left as you face Anub’arak at the beginning).  The first person followed runs to the south (entrance) side of the room, and a ice patch is dropped for them to run behind.  We BoP them at the last minute.  The second person takes Anub’arak back near where we tanked him at the north side, however an ice patch is dropped off center right for him to be kited to.  We also BOP again.  The third person kites Anub’arak until he re-appears, and the tank drags him back to the initial ice patch.  During this initial burrow, I may throw a hurricane down if I have adequate range from Anub, if there are still 4 adds up, or I’ll single target them down.  Once they are down I go after the scarabs one at a time.  If your talent build supports typhoon (even glyphed), this is a great place to use it, as the 6 second daze affect can really help people stay away from their attacks and nasty stacking debuff.

Usually phase 1 and 2 repeat themselves twice.  On the third “phase 1″, we push Anub’arak to 30% or phase 3.

Phase 3

I blow treants at about 31% because I know [spell]bloodlust[/spell] or [spell]heroism[/spell] is coming once we push him over.  I continue to DPS like I did in phase 1, and switch to throw down a hurricane whenever the four adds come in.

The important thing here is to watch your health.  We all blow a frost pot at the beginning of the phase, but that won’t save you.  If I end up with [spell]penetrating cold[/spell] debuff, I first blow barkskin, then once my health dips to below 3k, I use a health stone.  Usually judgement of light on the adds+Anub’arak is enough to heal you.  The melee have it a bit easier, as they generally have iLotP, although I know some guilds have their ferals dump it due to the excessive healing.  Healers need the most help as they’re not DPSing for judgement of light.  An improved Healing Stream totem works well, and so does a well timed rank 2 wild growth or holy nova by a priest.  Healers may find benefit in using GridStatusHealthLeft, a mod I blogged about a few months ago, written by a good friend, Firstaidspec of Blood Legion (US-Illidan).

At this point it really is the healers show, and a DPS race against time.  Healers must ensure they do not heal too much, but heal enough to keep the entire raid alive and keep the tanks alive.  Generally, the weak link (besides random disconnects) is a healer dying due to lack of judgement of light and not enough group healing, and from there, their penetrating cold heal target dies, and it continues to domino effect into a wipe.

Hope this guide helps, I’ll try to take some photos next time to give a better visual explanation, or perhaps fraps it.

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Finally, Anub’arak.

by on Oct.20, 2009, under General

After my second week in Seriously Casual, they allowed me in on their Anub’arak kill.  I’ll post some strats on it shortly, and hopefully sometime soon a video.  Notice, like most other balance druids, my DPS is bottom of the barrel.  (They had me Hurricane the adds.)


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Anub’arak update

by on Sep.28, 2009, under General

Not much more to update on [npc]34564[/npc].  Still struggling in phase 3, or more recently, even getting to phase 3.  After looking at our own parses and other guilds parses who’ve killed him, this just doesn’t seem to be a good fight for moonkin dps.  I think our best option is to stay on Anub’arak, and only AoE when adds are up right after he burrows, but that still keeps me in the bottom quartile.

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Anub’arak P3: GridStatusHealthLeft

by on Sep.27, 2009, under General

A friend of mine, Firstaidspec from Blood Legion (US-Illidan) sent me an AddOn he had written for phase 3 Anub’arak.  It displays the absolute health of all those in raid below 1500hp.  Bind it to “Center Text 2″, and if you have anything bound to Center Icon, consider moving it to side icons with an addon similar to GridIndicatorSideIcons.  Hopefully this, along with a [spell]Healing Stream Totem[/spell] and occaisional [spell]Holy Nova[/spell] will help you keep your healers alive during [spell]Leeching swarm[/spell].

You can download it here.

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Progression Update: Anub’arak Phase 3 (Heroic)

by on Sep.21, 2009, under General

In case you’re curious on Forceful Entry’s progression, we’re still pounding away at phase 3 Anub’arak.  We can safely get to phase 3, but that’s when all hell breaks loose.  Congratulations to Blood Legion US-Illidan on being the first US Horde guild to kill Anub’arak.  CUTIES ONLY of Kil’jaeden wasn’t far behind.

Disclaimer:  If you look at my talent spec and wonder why it’s .. odd, it’s due to this fight.  Anub’arak is a very AoE intensive fight and I’ve spec’d as such.  Once we manage to down him I’ll post more details on our strategy.

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Heroic Anub’arak to phase 3

by on Sep.16, 2009, under Rants

So far after our first week of attempts, we were able to get Anub’arak solidly to phase 3.

We haven’t perfected our strategy yet, so I don’t want to really comment a whole lot on the strategy until we actually get it down to a science.  I will however mention that [spell]Gale Winds[/spell] is pretty vital for this fight to deal with the [npc]Nerubian Burrower[/npc]s, and also to rant about how my dps is a slave to [spell]Clearcasting[/spell] proc’s, which dictates whether I can chain [spell]Hurricane[/spell] when the burrowers are up, or whether I have to stop and direct DPS Anub’arak while I wait for mana to regen.

Anub'arak Phase 3

Anub'arak Phase 3

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