Moonkin Raiding: Rating Values

Level 90 Base Stat Conversion

  • 425 Haste Rating = 1% Haste
  • 340 Hit Rating/Spirit = 1% Hit
  • 600 Critical Rating = 1% Spell Critical
  • 600 Mastery = 1% Mastery


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  • Xiera

    I’ve always considered “capped” to be 0% miss. I adamantly recommend 263/237 (horde/ally) hit rating. Granted, people should not be too concerned over 1 point in hit, and it’s rare that you’d have the chance to be so specific, but for the purpose of theory, I felt the need to throw that out there.

    Also, 32.79 haste rating = 1% haste. It’s less than .1 difference, but that .1 will give you different results for the haste “soft cap”.

  • Sunfyre

    Well, really, my point was, if you had to choose between 262 hit and 310 hit by adding a hit piece, or using another piece that would grant you, say, crit, personally, I’d run with 262 hit.

  • Sunfyre

    I’ve updated the post to reflect the haste rating. Thanks!

  • Kiru

    Hey, I was in FE with you a few weeks ago. You said that insect swarm is not worth casting: if that’s the case why do you have improved insect swarm? Also, do you still suggest that strategy? Furthermore, how bad is it to go over 401 haste? I have tried to stay under that amount but it’s rather difficult with the gear available in ToC. Do you suggest staying close to 401 within reason, or does it not even matter at this point? I was under the impression that going under 1s wrath casts messed up spell queuing and added extra lag to wrath casts.

  • Sunfyre

    I’ve played around with both Improved Insect Swarm/IS and Starfall/Glyph of Starfall. Currently I’m using IIS, but I still am not 100% positive which alternative is better. Casting IS with <13sec on Wrath is a DPS loss. With WiseEclipse, you generally roll directly from a Lunar Eclipse into a Solar Eclipse. As for the haste issue, if you go above 401 haste, you’re only really giving benefit to Starfire. Above 12% haste, Wrath’s casts go below 1.0 sec (with Nature’s Grace proc’d), however, the global cooldown remains 1.0sec, so you never will actually cast wraths any quicker then 1.0 seconds apart. Haste above 401 is still obviously a DPS boost, however, it’s value deminishes the greater the haste you have, and other stat values, such as crit, will continue to benefit both Wrath and Starfire.

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