Haste Breakpoints

The Haste Breakpoints for level 90:

Extra Ticks NG T14
+2 228
+3 5273
+4 10289 3706
+5 8089

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  • Janwaits

    I have a question concerning this matter. How much of a dps increase is it to reach these breakpoints? For instance, I’ve reached 2576 haste by having haste as a stat on all my gear except my weapon and one of my trinkets, which is the variable pulse from raggy. Now, if I were to switch this trinket for the alchemy trinket (the one giving static haste), I would reach the +3 tick breakpoint. Would switching the variable for the alchemy be a dps gain or loss in my case? Maybe a tough question but it would be interesting to know. :)

  • Erdluf

    Haste breakpoints can have goofy rounding.

    Wrathcalcs shows 1929 where you have 1924 (+4, NG). Calculated mentions “in-game comments” that say 1930.

    Likewise, WC shows +4 at 1500 for DI+NG, and 3646 for just DI.


  • Erdluf

    I was able to test a little. With just Moonkin Form and NG, 1928 is 12 ticks. 1931 is 13 ticks. The breakpoint must be 1929, 1930, or 1931.

  • Maxiba

    Hey Sunfyre – just a quick question!

    In your table you state that the static haste cap for +3 is 2776 now, is that in moonkin form or out of it? As it stands for me i have 2692 haste raiting OUTSIDE of moonkin form but obviously 5% haste from the form is another 641 haste raiting which takes that up to 3333 haste raiting while in moonkin form? Am i right here?? If so Natures Grave is 15% = to 1921 Haste Raiting which again will take us up even more to 5254 Haste raiting which is a +6 ? Im just curious now my head is boggled and im just confusing my self!!!


    Out Form – 2692 Haste Raiting = 21.02% Haste
    In Form – 2692 + 5%(641) = 3333 Haste raiting = 27%
    Natures Grasp – 2692 +form(5%/641 = 3333)+ 15% = 1921 = Total 5254? Am i correct by my calculations? Im compltely stumped..

  • frayr


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