Symbiosis Results

  • The druid can obtain 4 spells from each class.  One for each druid talent specialization.
  • The Symbiosis target can obtain one of 3 spells from the druid, depending on their talent specialization.
    • For example, a frost DK will obtain the same spell from a druid, whether that druid be Balance, Guardian, Feral, or Restoration.

Spells gained from Symbiosis

Class Balance Guardian Feral Restoration
Death Knight Anti-Magic Shell
Bone Shield Death Coil Icebound Fort.
Hunter Misdirection Ice Trap Play Dead Deterrence
Mage Mirror Image Mage Ward Frost Nova Ice Block
Monk Grapple Weapon
Elusive Brew
Clash Fortifying Brew
Paladin Hammer Justice Consecration Divine Shield Cleanse
Priest Mass Dispel Fear Ward Dispersion Leap of Faith
Rogue Cloak of Shadows Feint Redirect Evasion
Shaman Purge Lightning Shield Feral Spirit Spiritwalker Grace
Warlock Unending Resolve
Life Tap Soul Swap DC: Teleport
Warrior Intervene Spell Reflection Shattering Blow Intimid. Roar


Spells given by Symbiosis

Death Knight Blood Frost Unholy
Might of Ursoc Wild Mushroom: Plague Wild Mushroom: Plague
Hunter Beast Mastery Marksmanship Survival
Dash Dash Dash
Mage Arcane Fire Frost
Healing Touch Healing Touch Healing Touch
Monk Brewmaster Windwalker Mistwalker
Survival Instincts Bear Hug Entangling Roots
Paladin Holy Retribution Protection
Rebirth Wrath Barkskin
Priest Discipline Holy Shadow
Cyclone Cyclone Tranquility
Rogue Mutilation Combat Subtlety
Growl Growl Growl
Shaman Elemental Enhancement Restoration
Solar Beam Solar Beam Prowl (Ghost Wolf)
Warlock Affliction Demonology Destruction
Rejuvenation Rejuvenation Rejuvenation
Warrior Arms Fury Protection
Stampeding Shout
Stampeding Shout
Savage Defense


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29 Comments for this entry

  • Ohken

    My take is that this is going to take a while to get used to. That’s a whole lot of different abilities going back and forth.

  • gore

    We’re going to be the new warlocks :(
    No matter who we give Symbiosis to, someone will complain, just like Dark Intent currently.

  • Sabthalion

    For the other specs it is pretty much a good talent, even if it is a bad designed way to fill our needs, for now it is not so good.
    To view the other dps spec, as feral you can choose between invulnerability effects, dps increase, good pvp and pve utility. Really nice!
    On the contrary, from a balance point of view, you don’t have this kind of choice at all. You can choose between two dps burst (the good one with 5 min cd), two situational pve utilities (very situational in those days), and from a pvp side only utilities and that’s not what we really need in this environment.

    Personally, I start to think to change spec, because I don’t want another expansion in which we are the spare wheel.

  • Mightywing

    Going to have lots of fun with my brother, give rogues a taunt. Yes please!!

  • Akthalion

    I’m generally liking the list for Balance. Most of them have uses on both PvE and PvP.

    However the Hunter and Warlock has 0 utility for PvP. Misdirection although very useful in raids, has no use in PvP and little use in dungeons. Soulshatter is only useful in pugs with bad tanks and has no impact on PvP gameplay.

    This could seriosly impact comp synergy for arenas, cause as it is right now, you would be “punished” for running with a Hunter or a Warlock in 3v3 (and Warlocks right now are one of the best comps for a Moonkin in arena).

    I think it would be more fun if we could use the Warlock’s teleport.

    Also would could use another defensive cd in our toolkit. Ferals get Divine Shield and Dispersion which are very powerful.

  • Starfury

    Hmm..looking at Intervene that balance druids get from warriors.. it makes little sense why a Moonkin would want to intervene.. but it makes a lot of sense that a moonkin would wanna spell reflect.

    you’ve bolded Intervene, so if it is the balance druid inherited ability, it seems a very unusual choice.

  • Akthalion

    I like the new Balance matrix, it gives more options and flavor, although Misdirection and Hammer of Justice are kind of boring.

    Right now I see a few problems though:

    1. Tank specs gained ability exceeds every other spec utility
    Tank damage reduction will get prioritized most of the time because of the impact on the raid and reduce our choice in most PvE fights where we’ll be required to give them Symbiosis.

    2. Tranquility is too big of a cd to be ignored
    This will also force us to give Symbiosis to a Shadow Priest in some fights, and we will just gain Mass Dispel.

    3. Abilities with Diminishing Returns are useless
    Giving Rebirth to Holy Pally goes wasted for the brez limit. Also giving Entangling Roots to healing priests makes no sense, as it just makes DR go quicker with our ER and FoN ER.

    4. Wild Mushroom: Plage migth also force us to give the dps DK Symbiosis for raid dps.

  • Stoppableforce

    It’s a little strange to me that the warlock gain, across the board, is Rejuvenate. I’d have thought Insect Swarm would make more sense, at least for Affliction.

    Then again, mages gain Healing Touch, so who knows. :)

  • Warsina

    Is it you Sunfyre from Minority?
    :> Gratz on making the MMO front page

  • Balourd

    Looking at what balance gets, this is a really nice toolset addition from pretty much every class.
    In a raid situation, I’ll probably be looking for a mage to give this to, to get the only DPS affecting symbiosis I can see in the list. Of course the mage doesnt get anything really coherent for a raid environment (healing touch, mmmreally). If I had to give my symbiosis to be more of a donor, I’d probably give it to a blood dk, brewmaster, prot warrior or prot paladin for the extra cooldown they get.

  • Balourd

    I figured yeah, with spirit wolves getting the same treatment. Then the buff will most likely often go to a tank for the extra cooldown.

  • Doomfowl

    btw, who needs soul shatter when you have mirror images, it drops all threat on you. while the images are up.

  • Ornasse

    Oh I like the idea of Ice Block as a resto! And man I wish I had a shammy in my regular group now!

  • Michael

    Correct, Insect swarm doesn’t exist in MoP :)

  • Jonathan

    Getting Spiritwalker’s Grace as resto brings a question to my mind:

    I know it allows you to cast while moving, but will it work on channeled spells? Considering we’re mostly a mobile healing class to begin with, I’d have to imagine the best use of the spell would be pairing it with tranquility, but I’m not sure if it can work that way.

    Really comes down to that for me. Mobile tranquility would be absolutely awesome, but I really can’t imagine getting much use out of the spell for anything else with most of our cast time heals being single target.

    If not, I guess I’d be throwing it on a Paladin every time out. The extra dispel would probably be more useful than anything else we could get and Pallies have big, fat benefits across the board from us.

  • Berdache

    For balance, I know Mirror Images is a straight and simple dps increase but on some fights intervene might buff our dps more.

  • Kazal

    Not played beta but just reading through the comments and the list published…

    This really doesn’t look like it’s ANY kind of buff to us. I mean, as a Moonkin i’d expect some kind of DPS increase. No, i don’t expect to get something which will account for 5-6% of my overall damage but Images for example looks like it will do 0.01% and most likely NOT be worth even casting for the sake of a global CD lost.

    I think we ned to look at this spell/talent/abilty that we are again, a utility tool for the group/raid.

    Boss hits hard, give the tank an extra CD to use (Barkskin)
    Boss does AoE damage, give the Warlock Rejuve so he can stop DPS’ing and pop some heals about (L-O-L as if)
    Boss is more suited to casters than melee, don’t bench that Ret Pala, give him Wrath! /sigh

    Not impressed. Hope the list offers at least a few abilities which will be a dps gain for us so we can at least CHOOSE if we act as a Raid Utility or a better DPS’er.

  • Kincaid

    As far as using spirit walkers grace and tranq. You would be able to cast and move. But the tranquil will not move with you. It is the same thing on the alysrazor fight and her feathers. You move but your tranq will not.

  • QT

    My poor priest :'( nothing for pve as far as holy / disc. Darn cyclone

  • S00m

    What do druids get from other druids?

  • Talifabian

    Has Symbiosis-Mirror Images been buffed at all, or is it still ridiculously little damage?

  • Mil

    So with the unholy first dk talent wild mushroom: plague, there is no use to get unholy blight? I usually would put unholy blight in a burst macro or a solar beam/ death and decay kind of thing. But since it only has the same amount of health as a critter and double the cd wondering if its worth going plague leech or roiling blood?

  • Mil


    Sorry meant frost

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