Balance Specialization Abilities

Level Ability Description
10 Eclipse (Passive) No change.  Nature’s Grace and Euphoria mana gain baked into ability.
10 Starfire No change
10 Natural Insight (Passive) Increases your mana pool by 400%
12 Starsurge Now grants 20 Lunar or Solar energy
14 Celestial Focus (Passive) Reduces pushback while casting balance abilities by 70%
16 Moonkin Form No change
18 Insect Swarm No longer a DoT.  Increases damage taken from your spells by 25% for 1 min.  Limit 1 target.
22 Remove Corruption No change
26 Shooting Stars (Passive) Now a 20% chance when you deal critical DoT damage to trigger instant Starsurge.
28 Solar Beam No change
34 Killer Instinct (Passive) Grants 100% of Intellect as Agility in Bear/Cat form
38 Euphoria (Passive) Now includes Starsurge
44 Barkskin No change
46 Moonkin Aura (Passive) No change
48 Owlkin Frenzy (Passive) No change
50 Leather Specialization (Passive) No change
64 Balance of Power (Passive) No change
68 Celestial Alignment 3 minute cooldown.  Grants you simultaneous damage benefit of both Lunar and Solar Eclipse, increasing damage done by your Nature and Arcane spells by 20%.  In addition, casting Moonfire also applies the Sunfire effect.  Activating this ability consumes all Lunar and Solar Energy and prevents gaining more during its duration.  Lasts 15 sec.
76 Starfall Cooldown now reset whenever you enter Lunar Eclipse.
80 Mastery: Total Eclipse (Passive) Base eclipse up to 20% from 16% bonus damage.  Now 2.5% bonus per point up from 2.0%
82 Lunar Shower No longer causes energy gain/loss.  Original 4.0 Lunar Shower.
84 Wild Mushroom No change.  Note:  Restoration druids may now bloom them for a heal.
84 Wild Mushroom: Detonate No change.  Fungal Growth now included baseline.
87 Symbiosis Grant’s druid one ability from target class based on spec.  Grants one druid ability to the target, based on their spec.  Lasts 1 hour, persists through death.  Cannot be cast on other druids, and cancelled if too far apart.

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