5.0.5 Hotfixes: Symbiosis, more…

by on Oct.02, 2012, under Cataclysm

Hotfixes were released today, and a few small things were fixed.  One thing that was substantially nerfed was symbiosis, which no longer grants tanks an additional cooldown.

While this means you’re no longer pigeonholed into giving a tank a cooldown, there’s also very little to no benefit in a PvE environment from symbiosis.

  • The area of effect damage from Nature’s Vigil will no longer hit stealthed targets.
  • Fixed an issue with Incarnation that could allow flight without using Flight Form.
  • Dream of Cenarius now correctly increases the healing from Cenarion Ward by 30% instead of 70%.
  • Starsurge casts that trigger an Eclipse now deal the correct amount of damage.
  • Symbiosis has been changed, and now grants the following abilities:
    • Protection warriors – Stampeding Shout
    • Blood death knights – Wild Mushroom: Plague Protection
    • Protection paladins – Wrath
    •  Brewmaster monks – Bear Hug

In my opinion symbiosis has now been relegated to mostly a PvP talent.

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Legennnnn-wait for it-dary proc and T12 model

by on May.14, 2011, under Cataclysm, Gear Discussion, General

It has been announced, at last :

Wrath of Tarecgosa – When you deal damage, you have a chance to gain the Wrath of Tarecgosa, duplicating the harmful spell.

Expect a high proc chance to make it Legendary. I suspect this kind of working like the Ele shaman mastery, except for full damage.

In other exciting news, the full Tier12 has been discovered, and it looks %&”$ awesome. What do you think?

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4.2 PTR Notes

by on May.11, 2011, under Cataclysm, Gear Discussion, General

Some news from the PEE TEE ARE

All class abilities which place a buff on friendly targets no longer generate any threat. This goes for raid-wide buffs like Mark of the Wild and Power Word: Fortitude, as well as triggered effects such as Blessed Resilience or Fingers of Frost, and single-target buffs like Dark Intent and Hysteria. The exception is buffs which directly cause healing or damage, such as Thorns or Renew. Abilities such as these still generate normal threat.

Omen of Clarity clearcasting buff from now lasts 15 seconds, up from 8 seconds.

Earth and Moon’s duration has been increased to 15 seconds, up from 12.

Fungal Growth spell visual effect has been updated to be less visually intrusive and more aesthetic.

Lunar Shower has been redesigned. When casting Moonfire, the druid gains Lunar Shower. Lunar Shower increases the direct damage done by Moonfire by 15/30/45%, and reduces the mana cost by 10/20/30%. This effect stacks up to 3 times and lasts 3 seconds. While under the effects of Lunar Shower, Moonfire generates 8 Solar Energy, and Sunfire generates 8 Lunar Energy. The amount of Lunar/Solar Energy gained does not change based on the number of points spent in the talent, or stacks of Lunar Shower. Those druids who wish to delay transition in or out of an Eclipse state should now cast the one of their two basic attacks which will not move the Eclipse bar (either Starfire or Wrath).

Solar Beam has a new spell effect.

Wild Mushroom: Detonate can now also trigger Earth and Moon, in addition to Starfire and Wrath.

They were clearly trying to prevent people to stay too long in an eclipse state (probably about the solar eclipse overpowerness) and it seems they found the way to incorporate it.

What this means to our AOE rotation :

  • We still want to be in solar eclipse. The damage increase to our Wild mushrooms, Typhoon, Hurricane and Insect Swarm is still pretty considerable. The only difference is that we can’t spam Sunfire anymore. Doing so will push us out of the eclipse state.
  • The solutions we have  :
    • Shrooms on cooldown, hurricane while we wait. Typhoon if it’s safe.
    • Shrooms on cooldown, insect swarm spam while we wait. Typhoon if it’s safe.
    • Shrooms on cooldown, starfire while we wait.
  • On another note, Wild Mushroom triggering Earth and Moon is a huge but subtle buff, making all our attacks deal an extra 8% that we would probably not have otherwise.

Testing is needed.

In other exciting news, the stats on Tarecgosa’s Rest are out, and it seems like it will not be so fitted for us ! We’re talking about hit and crit. Thanks to reforging, we’ll be able to get a few of that hit replaced with tons of haste. And the insane amount of red sockets makes it definitly best in slot! ilvl 404 wuuuut ?

To conclude, I will say that the new Tier 12 models are available (except the shoulders). Looks like it’s made out of a treebark which is kind of cool. What do you think?

Please visit mmo-champion for all your pictures, details and daily dose of awesomeness.

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Firelands extravaganza!

by on May.05, 2011, under Cataclysm, Gear Discussion

As pointed out by Ava in a previous post, the new Tier12 set bonuses are known :

Balance 2 Pieces – You have a chance to summon a Burning Treant to assist you in battle for 15 sec when you cast Wrath or Starfire.
Balance 4 Pieces – While not in an Eclipse state, your Wrath generates 3 additional Lunar Energy and your Starfire generates 5 additional Solar Energy.

I expect the burning treant mechanic to work a little like the Val’kyr from Nibelung back in WOTLK. All the classes’ set bonuses are about Fire and related to them, so expect alot of red and orange on your screens !

Thoughts? 4 set sounds quite interesting!

It’ll be interesting to see if the Burning Treants benefit from Fungal Growth! Probably not. But it would be sick. Can’t an owl dream ?

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4.2 PTR Notes : Holy Owl

by on May.03, 2011, under Cataclysm, General

Had to share this with you guys. Here’s what’s new with Moonkin in next patch :

Many crowd control abilities no longer cause creatures to attack players when they are cast. The creature will not attack the player when the crowd control wears off, and nearby creatures will not become hostile to the player either. However, if a visible player gets too close to the target creature, the creature will remember and attack the player when the crowd control effect wears off. The intent is to make it easier for dungeon groups to manage crowd control assignments and pulling packs of hostile NPCs. The abilities affected by this change are: Hibernate, Entangling Roots […]

Entangling Roots and the equivalent spell triggered by Nature’s Grasp no longer deal damage.
Innervate now grants an ally target 5% of his or her maximum mana over 10 seconds, but still grants 20% of the druid’s maximum mana over 10 seconds when self-cast.

Insect Swarm now generates 8 Lunar Energy for druids with Eclipse.

Moonfire now generates 8 Solar Power for druids with Eclipse.
Sunfire now generates 8 Lunar Energy for druids with Eclipse.

Glyph of Innervate now causes the druid to gain 10% of his or her maximum mana over 10 seconds when Innervate is used on a friendly target, in addition to Innervate’s base effect.

Allright so basicaly a buff to our damage, but a nerf to our utility. The CC change is pretty sweet, you don’t have to be scared of slow-on-taunt tanks anymore. Innervate : Really? 0.5% mana per second? I know I’m not wasting this 3min cooldown for another guy’s  500 mana! Hello new glyph choice. Monsoon or Focus, probably. I believe the Solar power changes are on apply only, which means you don’t get 8 power each tick (that would be awesome though), but hey, it does accelerate our transitions a bit. I believe that’s how the spell worked in beta (correct me if i’m wrong).

Any thoughts on this guys? How have you been performing in ZA and ZG with your druids? I find myself on top of dps alot of times. Getting those new epics help out too. Haven’t stepped in any raid so far. Guild pretty much dead. Server pretty much dead. Just enjoying the moonkin life.

Tune in later for more news!


Source : MMO-Champion

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Reports of new patch next week!

by on Feb.05, 2011, under Cataclysm, General

Patch 4.0.6 is reported to be released this week. A few highlights of this patch, for the owl community :

  • Mount Up: This guild perk now applies to Flight Form and Swift Flight Form as well.
  • The night elf racial trait Shadowmeld can now be used while shapeshifted.
  • The tauren racial trait War Stomp can now be used while shapeshifted.
  • The worgen racial trait Darkflight now has a 2-minute cooldown, down from 3, and is no longer on the global cooldown. In addition, the movement speed bonus now stacks with existing bonuses, but cannot be activated while Sprint or Dash is active (and they cannot be activated while Darkflight is active).
  • Moonfire mana cost has been reduced from 18% to 9%.
  • Worgen and troll druids now have new art for Swift Flight Form.
  • Fungal growth duration has been increased to 20 seconds, up from 10. In addition, it should now be much more responsive when detonating Wild Mushrooms.
  • Moonkin Form now grants 15% damage reduction instead of increased armor. In addition, shapeshifting in or out of this form now breaks roots. Note this is not stated in the tooltip.
  • The Shooting Stars buff duration has been increased to 12 seconds, up from 8 seconds.
  • Starfall will no longer strike targets that are not in combat and will now drop stars at a slightly faster rate. (join me in a HIP HIP HOORAY)
  • Sunfire mana cost has been reduced from 18% to 9%.
  • Total Eclipse (Mastery) benefit from mastery increased by approximately 33%.
  • Typhoon mana cost has been reduced by 50%.
  • Wild Mushroom is now instant cast, down from 0.5 seconds. In addition, the radius of detonation has been increased to 6 yards, up from 3, and damage done increased by 30%.
  • Glyph of Wrath now increases damage done by Wrath by 10% and no longer requires Insect Swarm on the target.

Many other tweaks have influence on our gameplay, for all your theorycrafting needs, head to MMO-Champion or follow the link here.

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Live Server Hotfixes… Or should I say OWLfixes?

by on Jan.28, 2011, under Cataclysm, General

  • Force of Nature and Wild Mushroom can now be cast correctly even if the target is on a different height of terrain from the druid

Is that the “No path available” we get when we’re on the croc statue’s head in Lost City of the Tol’vir? Or the one we get when we’re fighting Siamat?

If so… YAY!

If not, I have no idea when this was ever a problem!

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Cataclysm, a week later: PvE Analysis

by on Dec.14, 2010, under Cataclysm, General

Now that we’re a week into the Cataclysm, and I actually have some enforced downtime (thanks, maintenance), I thought I’d share with you my initial thoughts about balance druids in PvE at 85.

Heroic Dungeons:

I think balance druids really shine in heroic dungeons.  We have some incredible CC and damage mitigation that’s unparalleled by other classes.  With [spell]hibernate[/spell] for dragonkin, [spell]Entangling Roots[/spell] for melee mobs, and [spell]Solar Beam[/spell] to drop on a kill pack and provide 15 seconds of silence (when glyphed), we’re great at both control and tank mitigation.  Besides this, we can offer an [spell]innervate[/spell] to the healer as well as provide a clutch [spell]rebirth[/spell].  Being a balance druid shouldn’t hinder your chances at a heroic dungeon, and in my opinion, they should probably be glad you’re there.


I’ve found balance druids to be very on-par with every other class when it comes to viable damage output.  On top of this, we provide some great utility.  Currently,  I spec for maximum mana conservation and maximum mana pool so that my innervates may be given to our healers.  This is a very powerful tool during any encounter right now as healer mana pools are at a prime.  (As a balance druid, with this method you should probably have the most mana of any class in your raid).  Also, a glyphed [spell]Rebirth[/spell] can really make the difference between a wipe or a boss kill, as you can instantly resurrect your tank at full health (and spare your healers a ton of mana trying to top off 175k health).

A few tips:

Become friends with a scribe.  Having a stack of [item]Dust of Disappearance[/item] handy is going to make you even more versatile.  I usually swap out two or three glyphs depending on whether I am in a raid or in a 5man.  In a 5 mans, [item]Glyph of Solar Beam[/item], [item]Glyph of Focus[/item], and [item]Glyph of Starfall[/item] are usually ideal. Depending on the dungeon, you may want to swap out Solar Beam for [item]Glyph of Entangling Roots[/item].  I find the glyph of focus to be MANDATORY for 5 mans, as most dungeons have such tight trash packs that starfall is rendered useless unless you can half it’s radius.

For raiding, I usually prefer [item]Glyph of Starfall[/item], [item]Glyph of Innervate[/item], and [item]Glyph of Rebirth[/item].  I really think these are fairly mandatory, and all druids should have the rebirth glyph.

[item]Glyph of Innervate[/item] is a very powerful glyph when all mana-wielding druids have it.  This is going to allow multiple druids to buddy up and “cross innervates”, so each of them will gain a 20% innervate from another druid as well as 10% of their own innervate, yielding 30% mana return instead of the standard 20% they would normally return.  Also, as a balance druid you should be able to effectively manage your own mana to the point that you can innervate a restoration druid and they can innervate another healer.  This will provide you with 10% mana return, the restoration druid with 30% mana return, and another healer with 20% mana return.  This is a net gain of 20% mana return over the restoration druid using their innervate on their own self and the balance druid using theirs on another healer.

Welp, that about wraps it up.  What are your thoughts?

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85 and On…

by on Dec.10, 2010, under Cataclysm

I apologize for not blogging for the last few days, however ever since Cataclysm was released, I’ve been grinding for levels then grinding for gear.

It took me about 18 hours or so to hit level 85, due to the fact that I was one of the many who had “Eye of the Storm” in our quest log, and although we weren’t aware, that was preventing us from finishing a Twilight Highland’s quest which subsequently locked us out from any remaining quests.  Due to that I had to grind the last 4.5 million experience in Deepholm and Uldum.

Ever since then I’ve been grinding heroics, and am pretty satisfied with my gear so far.  Tomorrow I will be revered with The Earthen, and that’ll provide me with pants and my helm enchant.  We went into Blackwing Descent today and played around a bit, but we don’t have enough geared people yet to really do the instance.  We did do the new PVP boss however, which scored one of our tanks a piece of tier gear, and me a item level 365 PVP trinket.  (Unfortunately it’s Alliance, and I cannot use it. :().

I know it’s early to tell, however so far I’m satisfied with how we’re playing out.  My damage is comparable to any other class I’ve dungeoned with, and our mana management seems okay.

Someone asked me to speak about mana management.  I really have no problems right now, and I (generally) end up giving away my innervate, as the healers are really the ones with the problems.

I continue to use the standard rotation that I had posted previously, and I still do not refresh DoTs between Eclipses.  Usually this is just because of the extreme cost of Moonfire/Sunfire.  There are rare long fights where I am mana challenged.  If this is the case, I skip Moonfire/Sunfire and just use an Insect Swarm to get the Nature’s Grace buff.  It’s also important to make sure you have 3/3 Moonglow and 2/2 Dreamstate.

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Off the Grid!

by on Dec.06, 2010, under Cataclysm

With the last hours ticking down until Cataclysm goes live, I’ve fortified my war bunker with enough food and supplies to last me through a nuclear winter.  I will not be posting much (if at all) until I hit 85, and I presume most of you won’t be reading.

Good luck, have fun, and I’ll see you on the other side!

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