5.4 PTR: New Glyphs Added

by on Jul.05, 2013, under General, Mists of Pandaria

A few new glyphs have been added but are flagged NYI (not yet implemented).  There’s no guarantee these will actually show up.

Obviously the damage percentage on mushroom is a placeholder.  It’ll allow us to drop one mushroom to burst instead of AoE.  The Starfall one I’m mixed on, because if you don’t have MF or SuF up on two targets, you’re not going to do damage with Starfall.

Your thoughts?

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  • Tarian

    I’m really interested in the guided stars glyph, if it gets implemented in 5.4
    This basically allows surgical strikes with starfall, a much needed addition ever since Cata when it got switched from AoE to single target boost with minor cleave.
    You could use this glyph in PvP to make sure starfall focuses entirely on one or two specific targets, for a desired burst, and no wonky CC screw ups.
    I also think of spine of death wing, where there are many mobs around and you need a specific thing bursted quick, this provides that same pvp benefit to pve. Primordius is somewhat of a good example. Dark Animus could be as well.

    Then of course there is the most obvious reason.
    Wanting to avoid pulling an entire zone on accident due to sketchy program logic.

    • Sunfyre

      The problem I have with it is that it doesn’t just PREFER those targets, it requires Moonfire/Sunfire to be active, so it requires you to DoT AoE targets up, burning a GCD when normally you wouldn’t nee dto.

  • Madchet

    Wish the teleport glyph was balance only. Resto druids are tough to kill as it is. If it works while stunned, it’ll be mandatory for pvp moonkin. We don’t have a stun break.

  • Jimmy Russell

    Generally speaking, if there’s a second target up and it doesn’t have dots you’re playing moonkin wrong anyway. Also, applying dots wouldn’t be considered ‘burning’ a gcd, as they have huge DPET. If however, you want to tunnel damage onto 1 target, then the 20 stars would hit that 1 target instead (resulting in the same dmg), as long as you opt to leave the other target un-dotted. Finally, I’m assuming that if none of the targets you’re in combat with have dots up, starfall would work as it has been previously – randomly, that is.

  • Tarian

    Madchet I’m pretty sure that the teleport glyph will not work in combat, and if used in bgs or arenas will teleport you to areas outside of the arena/bg rather than a random location inside of it. So if you wanted to, you could use it inside, but it’d be at the cost of forfeiting the match.

  • Redbullfly

    I feel that the starfall glyph would be suited best for 1-2 target fights. Or even figured such as Council. However I see where taking it off for fights like Horridon where there are many adds that just be downed. Hoping this glyph increases our single target damage even more.

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