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5.3 PTR: Tranquility Buffed

by on Apr.24, 2013, under General

A change has been made to tranquility and how many targets it effects.  This should be a large buff to our utility.  Unfortunately, there are no changes to balance incoming so far.

  • Tranquility now targets 12 raid members (up from 5) each time it heals when used in a 25-player instance. This change also applies to players using the Symbiosis version of Tranquility.

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5.3 PTR: Force of Nature changes

by on Apr.02, 2013, under General

A change has been made to Force of Nature that makes it instant cast, not require targeting, and also have three charges.  This allows virtually 100% uptime of a single treant.


  • Force of Nature is no longer on global cooldown and summons a single Treant. The Treant no longer has a control bar, immediately uses its special abilities on the Druid’s current target, and accumulates 1 charge every 20 seconds up to a maximum of 3 charges.
  • Restoration version of the Treant now casts Swiftmend on the Druid’s target when summoned. This version of Swiftmend does not require or consume a heal-over-time effect on the target.

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5.3 PTR Changes: Glyph of Omens, etc.

by on Apr.01, 2013, under General

In an effort to give balance some sort of PvE glyph (or maybe just nerf Solar Beam more), the Glyph of Solar Beam is changed on the PTR to the Glyph of Omens:

While you are not in an Eclipse, the following abilities now grant 10 Solar or Lunar Energy: Entangling Roots, Cyclone, Faerie Fire, Faerie Swarm, Mass Entanglement, Typhoon, Disorienting Roar, Ursol’s Vortex, and Mighty Bash.

This has already changed once, Solar Beam was removed, so it could likely change again.  Using Faerie Fire/Swarm while on the run will obviously be a help for movement DPS.

Also, treants were modified to cast an instant spell on summon to help avoid the summon lag.  Resto druids were given swiftmend which seems great, however balance druids were given… entangling roots.  Which does nothing for PvE.  Hopefully they’ll re-think this and give us some sort of PvE boon.  (Shooting stars proc, perhaps?)

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