Weekly Round-Up :: Balance DoT Crit Changed

by on Feb.16, 2013, under Weekly Roll-Up

I thought I was going to have a really boring weekly round-up until I read something in the MMO-Champion Druid Forums today.

Stommped asked Ghostcrawler why Balance Druids had dynamic-crit on their DoT ticks, whereas every other class had static snapshot values.  Here’s the response:

Good question. We decided to dig into all of the dots and found they worked pretty inconsistently. (Consistency isn’t always critical because it does lead to a certain amount of homogeneity, but too little consistency can just be confusing too.) We made a pass at all of the class dots and made them snapshot crit chance. This will have implications in any simulations out there.

However, this has some implications on the Unerring Vision of Lei Shen trinket. We’re tentatively fine with the idea of you seeing that proc go off, and reapplying DoTs which crit for their whole duration, in most cases. There’s a couple cases where those periodic crits cause other effects, which end up being very powerful. For example, a Balance Druid can now apply Moonfire and Sunfire, and pretty much chain instant Starsurges for 15 sec, many of which are extending that Moonfire and Sunfire, probably out to 20-25 sec. That’s extremely strong, but we’re going to try leaving it alone for now.

This change is going to be a huge DPS increase, especially with the trinket.  Consequently (given it were to proc), it would help alleviate problems with movement DPS.

I was really planning on using this round up to rant about our movement DPS and AoE DPS, and the 9% buff (while welcome) is just a bandaid to our DPS issues and not really solving the problem.  I guess I’ll table that for now.

It is important to note, though, how one person can make positive change for a spec.

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