Tier 15 Balance Bonuses

by on Jan.10, 2013, under Gear Discussion, Mists of Pandaria

Oddly enough, the 4P bonus is probably weaker than our current 4PC, considering we get additional DoT ticks and get to reforge about 1500 mastery to crit.

What are your thoughts?  I think these are much weaker than T14.

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  • Bealz

    The two-piece bonus for T15 does seem weaker than that of T14, as is likely the case for the four-piece bonuses. However, the 1000 crit and mastery rating when NG procs is pretty strong. Considering mastery only matters when we hit an eclipse (unless they’ve allowed eclipse’s bonus to update dynamically from mastery), that’s really strong. The reason mastery is considered our weakest stat is because of the up-time of eclipse, so as long as we’re not hanging out in an eclipse for long periods of time, it might as well be a straight 1000 mastery bonus, in addition to the 1000 crit.

  • Bealz

    That post was more ramble-ey than I though ti was…

    TL;DR weaker than current tier; still decent

  • Yazgot

    I would love to see 1000 crit + 1000 haste. That proc seems really weak for 4pc bonus. Also 2pc bonus is really boring

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