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by on Jan.04, 2013, under General, Mists of Pandaria

I’ve been playing around a bit with Force of Nature, now that it’s been buffed on PTR, and here’s what I’ve discovered:

If you look at the tooltip for the Treant’s Wrath, it will appear to scale dynamically off crit, haste, and mastery (Eclipse state) — it does not.

They do, however, scale with the haste and critical strike at time of cast.  Right now, without any haste proc’d, my treants each cast 7 times.  If Nature’s Grace is proc’d, then they each cast 8, and with Essence of Terror, 9.

With Relic of Yu’lon and Jade Spirit, my treants have a potential for hitting a training dummy for about 377k.  Their damage though is very cooldown/haste dependent though, and the fact that they do not scale with mastery really hurts.

There’s also a pretty hefty delay before the treants start casting, as well.  With all of my haste abilities popped, I should be able to get 11 wrath casts off, where I’m only getting 9.  Under just nature’s grace, or no haste proc’s, I just lose a cast (per tree), but that’s still a considerable amount of damage.I do not think that it’ll be able to contend with Incarnation‘s 25% burst damage for 30 seconds (given that it lines up with Celestial Alignment).  If Force of Nature were to scale with Solar Eclipse (which I think is the intent, since the tooltip numbers do update when you enter Solar Eclipse, the damage just does not reflect it), and also grant all of the casts that it SHOULD grant, then I think it might be able to be useful.

Until then, there are some fights where I could see it being useful, where you don’t have 30 full seconds of incarnation peen available to you (heroic bladelord is an example), but that’s about it.


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  • Karnudge

    Hey, I tweeted GC about the fact that the wrath from the treeants isn’t scaling with solar eclipse. He replied saying, “That is intentional.”

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