5.2 :: Balance Druid Changes!

by on Dec.22, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

The PTR notes have been released for 5.2, and others have been datamined by our friends over at MMO-Champion.  I’ve parsed the notes to only show relevant balance druid changes.

Datamined changes:

Reviewing these changes, it looks like Heart of the Wild may become more attractive.  While mathmatically, Nature’s Vigil will remain unchanged, it loses the power it had when we stacked it with Incarnation.  I still do not think we’ll look at Cenarion Ward — the versatility of Nature’s Swiftness (including the ability to NS rez) is just too attractive.  Cyclone hit ferals hard (they now have a 30 second cooldown), but I’m not sure if the DR change will affect us too much.  I’m still skeptical about Force of Nature.  I think it’s there just to be there.

The Soul of the Forest change seems interesting, but the thing to note is it only affects one side of Eclipse:  Lunar to Solar will still require two non-Eclipsed Starfire casts.  This will shorten the Solar to Lunar, though, only requiring two non-Eclipsed Wrath casts, instead of the previous three.  (And 4 without SotF).  As Hamlet pointed out, as unattractive as Wrath is (especially non-Eclipsed), this may prove to be very useful.

What are your opinions?

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  • Quintinius

    I do like that SotF seems more attractive now. Casting out of Eclipse always bugs me, and shortening that (even on just one side) is a welcome change. Will I replace badass Moonkin armour for it? Probably not, but it’s worth playing around with, I think.

    Cenarion Ward buff makes it more attractive for Resto, I think. Getting rid of that instant-cast ‘ohshit’ ability is a hefty toll, however. Not to mention another HoT on a CD isn’t as useful as I’d like. Maybe it’d be more useful for another spec? I personally use Renewal for Balance, however.

  • Quintinius

    Mainly because I’m used to it being there as an ohshit button, and have had trouble making a macro to do the same thing that I can spam while GCD is active to use it ASAP. NS would be more useful for rebirth as I could work it into my already existing macro, though. Good call. That makes more sense.

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