5.1 PTR Datamine — No Moonkin Buffs

by on Oct.11, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

A lot of you probably got excited (as I did) when I first saw the patch notes for 5.1 — more moonkin buffs!  There actually are not additional buffs, but a reflection of hotfixes that were applied way back on September 20th.

There were a few small changes that don’t look to be part of a hotfix, however, including a nerf/buff to Solar Beam as well as a change to Symbiosis:

The symbiosis change is welcome, as I’m sure all of you have been as frustrated as I am about placing it on raid/party members.  The solar beam “nerf” I think will actually be welcomed.  It’s rare you get someone stuck in a solar beam for the entirety of 10 (let alone 15) seconds, but now giving a double radius will make it more useful.

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