Druid Challenge Mode Gear Model Released!

by on Sep.20, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

MMO-Champion has a video for the Druid Challenge Mode gear, and I’m pretty impressed.  Not only does it have some neat effects, but casting spells adds additional animation.

What do you think?

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  • Seabass

    This is pretty sweet. I had no idea that there were separate visual effects in the challenge mode gear. I really like the casting animation too, looks pretty slick for balance druids.
    .. however.
    I think it would be a lot cooler to display a visual effect that would work with moonkin form. While this is great, I highly doubt I’ll ever get to see it, because how often am I caught in caster form? Never. Glyph of starts yeah, but I personally dont like that glyph. I suppose I should be used to that kind of thing by now, but still when I see cool stuff like this I always feel a tiny pang of “missing out” on armor goodies. I guess turning into an owlbeast outweighs any armor’s awesomeness.

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