5.0.5 Hotfixes

by on Sep.17, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

The following hotfix was applied which affects Moonkin. I am not sure if this was a specific 5.0.5 bug because I have noticed for quite awhile (before 5.0.5) that you can no longer stack a Shooting Stars starsurge immediately following a starfire departing an eclipse for the bonus eclipsed nuke. I guess since they now fixed the eclipse lag entering an eclipse, it was only fair.

Eclipse should no longer provide bonus damage after it fades.

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  • Yuaa

    You can still queued an instant SS following the final nuke of an Eclipse (as we used to cheese an extra eclipsed cast in Cata) but for a long time now (pretty much from Fae Empowerment / New Euphoria) it hasn’t benefited from eclipse; in fact they over-corrected a bit in that the final eclipse nuke wasn’t benefitting itself for a while until they fixed that too.

  • Yuaa

    I forgot to say what the actual hotfix did – sometimes when you hit CA at 0 energy following a lunar it doubled dipped (as in SF buffed by both lunar and CA). It was buggy as to when it’d occur (sometimes at 0 energy, sometimes at 20 lunar, sometimes never).

  • Moonbyte

    Question: If SS procs during the cast of the last Wrath that would end a Solar Eclipse, will it be a substantial DPS gain to interrupt the cast to benefit from an eclipsed SS instead? Seeing how pitiful Wrath damage is, I can see the answer being ‘yes’, which would make moonkin rotation even clunkier than it already feels -in my view.

    Additionally, in live right now I find that if I want to queue a SS right after a Wrath, a number of times it just will not go off. Anyone else seen this?

    Thanks for the feedback.

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