Cool Thing of the Day: Wild Charge

by on Sep.10, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Maybe I’m the last person to know this:

You can Wild Charge in humanoid form to a Wild Mushroom.  That’s pretty neat.  I can see the usefulness in PvE.

Did you all know this?  Am I just dumb?

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  • Boinks

    I did not know this as I am not talented as a resto druid into this, I imagine this could have a few very case specific uses for my class in raids. Good to know. nice find

  • lissanna

    A couple resto druids figured this out a while back.

  • Seabass

    This is a VERY useful application in both pve and pvp. I just discovered its usefullness (believe it or not) in a crazy dream!

    In pve, one usually has mushrooms pre stacked for a “stacking phase” and this lets you get there a lot faster. If it is a phase where there is a lot of switching spaces, Baelroc comes to mind here, this is really great if you focus target your mushroom, and can jump there in a jiff.

    Where this ability REALLY shines is in PvP, specifically in BG’s like EotS, and at AB, zones that have a lot of elevation at play, and have cliffs. If you can remember to set a mushroom at a base, or near the edge of a drop, and focus target it, the mushroom acts as a teather to yourself, to get back up on whatever platform, cliff, or edge you were at.

    This does work even if you fall several yards down from your mushroom. Line of sight isnt a big issue here, and even after falling a few yards, wild charge will zip you right back up on your feet, to solid ground.

    Whats better then being able to knock people off of lumbermill as a druid? One thing, flying back when they do it to you ….

  • Harrice

    WHA? Crazy. I had no idea!

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