Patch 5.0 :: First Impressions

by on Aug.30, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Now that the Mists of Pandaria patch has been pushed to live and we now see what most likely will be our toolkit (at least to start with), I’ll begin posting my opinions.

Overall, I’m happy with the toolkit we have.  The changes to Eclipse, giving us both Moonfire and Sunfire, Astral Communion, and our cooldowns are very nice.  I no longer feel penalized at the start of a fight.

Multi-dotting is a great tool, especially with multiple adds up, because Starsurge procs back to back to back.

Celestial Alignment is great to punch out extra DPS in periods where you know you’ll have some sort of damage modifier, or you have a long period to stand and nuke.

With Soul of the Forest, Eclipse transitions are a joke, especially at our high haste values in Cataclysm.  I can easily make it between Eclipses with Nature’s Grace still active.

There are however, some large problems that I see, mostly in the number balancing that has recently occurred:

  • Wrath and Solar Eclipse in general is extremely weak for direct damage DPS.  They wanted to add “flavor” to our Eclipses, so they buffed Hurricane and nerfed Wrath.
  • The problem with this is obvious:  We spend much more time in a direct damage mode than in a AoE mode.  This methodology would work fine if we could keep ourselves in one Eclipse and only switch when we needed to switch between direct damage and AoE, but that isn’t the case, and at that point Eclipse wouldn’t be much more than a stance that we’d have to manage.
  • We still see the ebb and flow damage in Eclipse that we did in Cataclysm, however now instead of being weak just between Eclipses, we’re weak for everything EXCEPT Lunar Eclipse.
  • At this point I’d be much more happy if they got rid of this “flavor” and balanced both Eclipses, which is what they initially did in Mists beta.

For reference, Starfire did 19% of my damage on a recent LFR Deathwing fight (9m) while Wrath did 13% (6.6m).

What are your initial impressions?

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  • gore

    I’ve been using Incarnation instead of Soul of the Forest, and my god the burst I can pull at he start of the fight is mental. Well over 100k for about 10seconds.
    But it’s a shame most fights now in DS don’t last longer than 3 minutes.
    I went into a LFR and padded on Madness, double dotting everything I could reach and the procs on Starsurge is insane. haha.
    I noticed that Starsurge has been hitting a crapload harder as well, most i got last night was 209k I think (non-madness).

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