Beta Build 15913: Complete Balance Revamp!

by on Jul.28, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

A new beta build has been released, and while the patch notes don’t discuss much, there’s actually quite a bit of changes in store for Balance.

Here’s what’s been discovered so far:

  • Fae Alignment has been removed.
  • Euphoria revamped.  Now doubles all Eclipse energy outside of Eclipse.
  • Eclipse revamped.  DoTs are no longer extended while under Eclipse.
  • Moonfire and Sunfire revamped.  Now lasts 18 seconds.  For Balance only, Starsurge and Wrath(Solar)/Starfire(Lunar) critical strikes extend the DoT by one tick.
  • Sunfire is now a separate spell (Balance only) that can be cast at any time.
  • Astral Communion duration now 4 seconds.  Restores 25 energy per second.
  • PVP 4-pc bonus revamped:  Allows Astral Communion to be cast while moving.

This changes a lot of things with our rotation.  After playing around a bit on beta, it seems the way to go is passive abilities.  With Soul of the Forest, it takes exactly two Starfires to go from Lunar to Solar Eclipse.  Incarnation also consumes a global cooldown, which is pretty awkward.  While it may seem cool to keep 100% uptime on both DoTs, I don’t think wasting a GCD is worth it, especially since we can move Eclipses so much faster now.  Mastery obviously will be a much more important stat for us now, as will crit (due to the DoT extension).

What are your opinions of the change?  I’m quite happy.

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  • Mark

    I haven’t been leveling on the beta, but testing these changes on a level 85 Druid, I really like the way it feels. Not having my stats degrade by leveling yet, I’m seeing lots of Starsurge procs, and my DoTs are extended quite a bit. The Euphoria change is so much smoother than that awful Faerie Fire thing. Plus I really like that I don’t feel nearly so ineffective between eclipses.

  • Max

    Looks like the aiming crit to be our 2nd best stat of choice in mop, which is nice I guess :P

  • tarian

    So far I like these changes.
    The change to the way nukes and dots interact adds a lot of value to crit, on top of what value shooting stars already added.
    Spending less time out of eclipse makes it easier to balance our damage.
    Having both dots available to us may make it possible to use lunar shower in some fashion.
    We can now spend at the most 4 seconds to regain 35% of our mana, which is HUGE for pvp.
    Better on demand control over eclipse (on the move even) is wonderful for pvp as well.
    Clunky Fae Empowerment is gone too!

    Generally a good build from a glance, it’ll be interesting to see it actually in action though.

  • Nerdz

    I’m afraid they’ll nerf the amount of mana we regen through Eclipse proc as it’s clearly op right now.

  • Max

    Ah ok, but crit will be closer to mastery than it is on live now I hope. I saw two bits of our tier gear has crit on now aswell.

  • Asrah

    With the new fast switch between Eclipses, this set bonus seems a bit useless. Especially if you have Soul of the Forest, it takes 2-3 casts not-Eclipsed anyway. While the 2-piece set bonus is still the “if you are being hit by a critical strike you gain 20 energy” is even more useless. We spend very little time outside of Eclipse. This set bonus will not function in ~70% of our fights even if we are being focused. If we are not, it does nothing.
    I could accept the 4-set bonus, but the 2 must change.

  • Yuaa

    You realise they are the PvP set bonuses? The ability to channel into Eclipse on the move is immensely useful.

  • Asrah

    Yeah I know they are pvp bonuses. Doesn’t change the fact, the time we spend outside of Eclipse is only 2-3 casts now unlike it was before. It is useful but not as much. Especially since entering Eclipse will immediatelly proc Nature’s Grace makeing you want to start casting Wrath or Starfire as soon as possible without loosing too much from it.

    I tired some PvP on the ptr and curretnly it rather seems like Astral Communion will be a rarely used tool. Even if I have to run, I rather place shrooms or wild charge away and cast again then channel (I mean if I could already use it, it still wouldn’t feel that useful).

    It would be better if Nature’s Grace wasn’t proc from Eclipse. It goes to waste if you use AC…

  • Daniel

    So hang on… they got rid of Insect Swarm to alleviate multi-dotting on AoE pulls… then they make Sunfire a seperate DoT???

    This update seems a bit like ‘back to the future’ to me.

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