Symbiosis Results Updated

by on Jul.24, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

I’ve updated the symbiosis results page to include data from monks, now that it’s implemented.

You can view it here.

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  • Asrah

    I still don’t like some part of the mechanism.
    We can only use it on other friendly players who are in the party, within the same “loadin screen area” and aren’t druids. I’m more of a casual pvp player who tries to be as good as possible but never was able to reach too high with my Moonkin. I have a shaman, a druid and 3 hunter friends currently in the game. There were others but they stopped playing. I feel it frustrating that I can only get Misdirection, Purge or nothing from them. They feel not so great for a 87 ability. In a battleground it should be ok, but what if I quest or do arena with friends? Am I supposed to gain nearly useless abilities? Only Purge have uses from them, but even that is a spammalbe ability, so the shaman can use it 2-3 times and I will benefit very little from having it too. Or are we balanced around being about the same good as others even if we can’t use it? I fear it will be a huge mess and disappointment when we can’t use it properly or at all. Gain nothing or not what we would like, because we don’t have a class we want or other druids used it on them already.

    This bugs me in top of those:
    An item lets other classes have the Symbiosis buff in Pandaria but not the druid. Is it even supposed to be our new high level spell or is it for the sake of other classes? I already read complaints from non druids becasue they don’t get as good as they wish from Symbiosis. But it is a druid spell isn’t it? If someone have the right to complain that should be the druid who can’t get good enough. Using it on others is good thing. Like casting a heal on others is good too. But if all you can do is put a buff on one player before the fight is all we can, that is boring. We should have at least one decent option all the time.

    I have ideas how to improve it, but I’m not in the beta so I can’t post there.
    1) usable on other druids (Elemental shaman gains Solar Beam even from guardian druids, so druids could get something from each other that is not in the spec of the current target. i.e.: guardian gains spell from resto, resto gains spell from balance) With this change we wouldn’t be limited just becasue we play with other druids. Give a spell that will not be as powerful to worth stacking. Just something is better than nothing.
    2) usable on enemy players as Parasitims to gain ability but grant nothing. If you are alone in the world and run into enemies it could be useful, but wouldn’t hurt the balance of the spell. It should be instant and usable in combat so we can use it even if they attack us from stealth, etc.
    3) to prevent switching in midfight for more and more abilities (possibility caused by point 2) it should get a 5 minute cooldown before you can use again if you remove the buff manually. If it fades naturally after an hour you are free to recast it immediatelly.
    4) some abilities that only useful in either pve or pvp could have secondary effects that work in the other part of the game. Misdirection have about 0 use in pvp. If it could grant something that affect enemy players only, it would be great. Or simply put abilities on the Symbiosis list that already good in pvp and pve too in some way.

    This might be just my personal view of this situation. What do you think about it?

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