Level 90: Where we stand

by on Jul.24, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

I’ve finally hit level 90, now that they seemed to fix the bug affecting my level 89 druid.  (After two months).

Right now the damage spread is rather interesting.  I’m going to begin to take quite a few logs to do some comparisons.  Nature’s Vigil gives some pretty intoxicating numbers, but I still think HotW will be better in the long run.

After a 20 mil damage run on dummies, this is what our damage spread looks like:

(Using Soul of the Forest and Heart of the Wild).  I used Fae Empowerment the first cast outside of each Eclipse.

55k DPS:

Wrath: 27.0% (5.59M)

Starfire: 25.8% (5.34M)

Starfall: 14.2% (2.93M)

Starsurge: 12.5% (2.58M)

Sunfire: 10.3% (2.13M)

Moonfire: 9.0% (1.86M)

Treant: Wrath: 1.3% (263.3K)


A few things to note:

I started in Solar, and ended when  hit Lunar.  That accounts for the slightly higher Wrath/Sunfire damage.

Since these are training dummies, I always hit two targets which will inflate Starfall damage by about 50%.  It hits pretty hard.  (Maximum hit of 34k, average hit of 16k).

Starsurge, despite being on a cooldown, accounts for about half as much damage as Wrath or Starfire.

Treant’s now seem to inherit our crit and our haste, but do not do extra damage in Solar Eclipse.  They’re trash.  The talent is horrible, however I have the ability for ‘free’ since I had it when I transferred to Beta.


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