Beta Build 15851: Fae Empowerment, Shooting Stars Changes

by on Jul.13, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

A fairly important build has been pushed in Beta, with the client version being upped to 5.0.3.

A few small (but important) changes have been added, notably adding a bit more clarification and help with Fae Empowerment:

Fae Empowerment now increases buff duration on Lunar and Solar Empowerment to 20 seconds, and adds Astral Empowerment, which increases the energy gain of the next 3 spells cast in 12 seconds by 35%.

  • This is important since lengthening your cycle really messes up with your DoTs.  The Astral Empowerment should ensure the cycle does not extend.

Shooting Stars proc chance reduced from 50% to 40%

  • A slight nerf, but there was warning they’d be adjusting things over the next few builds, and honestly, it did proc an AWFUL LOT.


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  • Asrah

    Astral Empowerment does not say only while not Eclipsed. If you cast faerie 3 casts before Eclipse as it seems logical, you may end up with 1 charge in Eclipse where you wouldn’t want to increase energy generation. Euphoria again. You may cast FF 4 casts before to decrease the possibility of this but that will reduce the time you have left to use up all six charges. It is possible to do in 20 sec, but can be risky if you happen to have to move too. Or you can click off the buff from you, but that is not how a rotation should work. Removing buffs if we get Euphoria proc is rather messy. I think it should work only while not Eclipsed to solve this problem.

    SS is 50% only on crit, but Moonkins don’t have too much of it. Probably a bug caused that high amount of proc and not that it really have that much chance. Still good enough, I’m happy about the 30% extra damage :)

    • Sunfyre

      It does imply ‘not Eclipsed’. It says “energy generating” spells. Once you’re in an eclipse, you consume energy until you hit 0, at which point you generate the opposite energy.

  • lissanna

    My training dummy testing didn’t see a lot of procs unless I was multi-DOTing many targets.

  • Asrah

    I never thought I was consuming energy while in Eclipse, it was always “generating negative energy” in my head. But now that you say it seems much more logical in that way :O

  • Morff

    While I can see reasons why the boomkin pve community might have some hate for the Fae Empowerment ability and what it does to their rotation. As a pvp boomkin I’m jumping for joy. Link this in with Faerie Swarm and suddenly I’m a kiting/nuking machine.

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