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Beta Build 15913: Complete Balance Revamp!

by on Jul.28, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

A new beta build has been released, and while the patch notes don’t discuss much, there’s actually quite a bit of changes in store for Balance.

Here’s what’s been discovered so far:

  • Fae Alignment has been removed.
  • Euphoria revamped.  Now doubles all Eclipse energy outside of Eclipse.
  • Eclipse revamped.  DoTs are no longer extended while under Eclipse.
  • Moonfire and Sunfire revamped.  Now lasts 18 seconds.  For Balance only, Starsurge and Wrath(Solar)/Starfire(Lunar) critical strikes extend the DoT by one tick.
  • Sunfire is now a separate spell (Balance only) that can be cast at any time.
  • Astral Communion duration now 4 seconds.  Restores 25 energy per second.
  • PVP 4-pc bonus revamped:  Allows Astral Communion to be cast while moving.

This changes a lot of things with our rotation.  After playing around a bit on beta, it seems the way to go is passive abilities.  With Soul of the Forest, it takes exactly two Starfires to go from Lunar to Solar Eclipse.  Incarnation also consumes a global cooldown, which is pretty awkward.  While it may seem cool to keep 100% uptime on both DoTs, I don’t think wasting a GCD is worth it, especially since we can move Eclipses so much faster now.  Mastery obviously will be a much more important stat for us now, as will crit (due to the DoT extension).

What are your opinions of the change?  I’m quite happy.

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It’s coming…

by on Jul.25, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

September 25th.  Are you ready?

Have you purchased the pre-sale?

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Symbiosis Results Updated

by on Jul.24, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

I’ve updated the symbiosis results page to include data from monks, now that it’s implemented.

You can view it here.

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Level 90: Where we stand

by on Jul.24, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

I’ve finally hit level 90, now that they seemed to fix the bug affecting my level 89 druid.  (After two months).

Right now the damage spread is rather interesting.  I’m going to begin to take quite a few logs to do some comparisons.  Nature’s Vigil gives some pretty intoxicating numbers, but I still think HotW will be better in the long run.

After a 20 mil damage run on dummies, this is what our damage spread looks like:

(Using Soul of the Forest and Heart of the Wild).  I used Fae Empowerment the first cast outside of each Eclipse.

55k DPS:

Wrath: 27.0% (5.59M)

Starfire: 25.8% (5.34M)

Starfall: 14.2% (2.93M)

Starsurge: 12.5% (2.58M)

Sunfire: 10.3% (2.13M)

Moonfire: 9.0% (1.86M)

Treant: Wrath: 1.3% (263.3K)


A few things to note:

I started in Solar, and ended when  hit Lunar.  That accounts for the slightly higher Wrath/Sunfire damage.

Since these are training dummies, I always hit two targets which will inflate Starfall damage by about 50%.  It hits pretty hard.  (Maximum hit of 34k, average hit of 16k).

Starsurge, despite being on a cooldown, accounts for about half as much damage as Wrath or Starfire.

Treant’s now seem to inherit our crit and our haste, but do not do extra damage in Solar Eclipse.  They’re trash.  The talent is horrible, however I have the ability for ‘free’ since I had it when I transferred to Beta.


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Travel Form Updated : Stag Form

by on Jul.21, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Travel Form has been updated to a very cool looking stag.  MMO-Champion has a video which I’ve embedded below:

Although it’s cool and all, is anyone else miffed that Travel Form is YET ANOTHER form that was updated before Moonkin?

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Beta Build 15851: Fae Empowerment, Shooting Stars Changes

by on Jul.13, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

A fairly important build has been pushed in Beta, with the client version being upped to 5.0.3.

A few small (but important) changes have been added, notably adding a bit more clarification and help with Fae Empowerment:

Fae Empowerment now increases buff duration on Lunar and Solar Empowerment to 20 seconds, and adds Astral Empowerment, which increases the energy gain of the next 3 spells cast in 12 seconds by 35%.

  • This is important since lengthening your cycle really messes up with your DoTs.  The Astral Empowerment should ensure the cycle does not extend.

Shooting Stars proc chance reduced from 50% to 40%

  • A slight nerf, but there was warning they’d be adjusting things over the next few builds, and honestly, it did proc an AWFUL LOT.


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