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by on Jun.26, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Here’s an excerpt from Ghostcrawler regarding incoming changes to the Balance rotation:

We are experimenting with some changes to the rotation. No promises that these changes will stay, but we definitely look forward to your feedback (both in terms of theorycrafting and how fun it is). Shooting Stars should occur much more frequently, and Starsurge should be a more important (read: high damage) button. Additionally, we’re adding a new passive that has some interesting implications. Should you choose to ignore it, your DPS will likely be only a few percentage behind someone who uses it optimally, but it should hopefully provide some more varied gameplay. To use some game designer jargon, we’re happy with Moonkins’ macro level rotational gameplay, but think they needs some more mirco-level decisions.

  • Shooting Stars chance increased from 20% to 50%.
  • Starsurge damage increased by 30%.
  • Fae Empowerment: New passive for Balance Druids. When you cast Faerie Fire, you gain Lunar Empowerment and Solar Empowerment.
  • Lunar Empowerment: Increases the damage of your next 3 Starfires within 15 sec by 15%.
  • Solar Empowerment: Increases the damage of your next 3 Wraths within 15 sec by 20%.

Please note that these changes are straight DPS buffs, and we don’t think Moonkin need a buff right now, so we need to reduce overall damage (probably across the board) so that overall DPS stays the same. These nerfs may take a few builds, because we need to evaluate if these rotation changes are worth doing. However, don’t be surprised when you see them, and help spread the word when you see the inevitable “I can’t believe we were nerfed!” posts.

I’m all for making our rotation interesting, making Starsurge and Shooting Stars more impressive.  That being said, however, I’m not sure I like forcing us to spam Faerie Fire (which really does nothing for us) every few casts just to get a straight buff on our nukes.  It seems silly and awkward.

What do you think?

Also, I haven’t been able to log into my level 89 druid on beta for a month and a half now, and I really don’t have the motivation to level another character to 90.  (As soon as I log in, I’m immediately disconnected.  Only on that toon, and it happens on the Mac and the Windows client).  If for some reason you’re reading this from Blizzard HQ, please make them fix this!  Thanks!

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  • jyobalimu

    Dunno, I had to read the part refering to Faerie Fire several times, because I just couldnt’t wrap my mind around it. So I agree with you :S

  • Akthalion

    I don’t think its spamming.

    You just have to use it 2 times per eclipse cycle (1 for each eclipse), which translates to 1 time per ~20 seconds.

    Also, you can plan on using it while moving and also you could micro manage for burst phases.

    I think it could be fun.

    Still need them to fix our movement dps issue…

  • Yuaa

    It’s not going to be spammed, if you do it’ll be a DPS loss (and hence, like Graylo pointed out, may be a trap to new players).

    You’ll use it on the final 3 nukes before you hit eclipse, then the first 3 inside eclipse will benefit too. People estimating it at about 5% DPS increase if done perfectly (less if you factor in Euphoria, Starsurge, etc).

  • Zdg

    1 GCD for 3 20% damage buffs on wrath?

    cast a wrath instead, nope?

  • doomfowl

    Anyone who is looking to squeeze numbers out, wont we be using it 3 starfires before eclipse, proc eclipse, sunfire/moonfire, then u also get 3 buffed wraths. All within 15 seconds? Seems really clunky, unless they changed it from what i last read.

    I dunno, for me (last year or so) eclipse feels like something im fighting against, im planning a whole eclipse phase ahead to time with the cd’s, and procs (see insignia of corrupted mind) (which ive now dropped for will + cunning, cuz i cannot be bothered with the timings anymore).

    Instead of my class mechanic being a tool i use, its actually controlling me, and it sucks, on the positive side, it gives us moonkins a unique look on the world of encounters, timing eclipse with insignia, bottled wishes, zerking, etc on spine is great, and fireing off 120k starfires with a 1sec cast. But when u check meters ure no where near a mage spamming a macro and arcane blast.

    My point is, it just isnt worth it, why should i stress out during encounters trying to line everything up, only to do mediocre dps at best. Im seriously considering rerolling come MoP, nothing so far has made me think otherwise, just some band-aid spell/mechanic updates, that should be “its about time” changes, and not be part of the “shiny new stuff”.

    Hugs and apologies for the rant. Im the only raiding moonkin on horde side on a dead server, with no one to rant too.

  • Samso

    Greeting from Germany ;)

    well i tried the new cycle with the FE but i have to say that its not very cool. within the 15 seconds its hard to cast 3 times Starfire, Sunfire and 3 wraths. and i cant really see an improvement to the dps because 20%*6 times is just a little bit more than if you cast a wrath instead of the FF especially if you have problems with the 15 seconds and you arent able to cast the sixth.

    I hope they will work on the eclipse bar, i dont use the orinal on live, and i think some numbers, a free to place bar and some options for this would make sense.

  • Bealz

    After trying out the rotation last night, I have to say that I like it. FF almost replaces IS, and the duration for the Lunar and Solar Empowerment has been increased to 20 seconds, so it’s a bit more forgiving.

    *Disclaimer* Heavily-Mastery dependant calculations incoming!

    Also, people seem to be missing a very important thing here: Three of your buffed nukes should be during an eclipse. so that means (for me at level 85) I’m getting 3 Wraths that do 1.59*1.2 = 1.902 times that of a non-eclipsed Wrath. By simply subtracting the factor of 1.59 that my nukes receive in eclipse, we get three casts doing 0.318 times MORE damage, meaning that at the cost of a GCD, you’re effectively getting 0.954 times the damage of a wrath (almost another Wrath cast), and also getting 0.6 times the damage of an additional Starfire. This is a pretty good buff, but I’m really hoping the incoming nerf isn’t too heavy-handed.

  • Bealz

    Oops, the Empowerment buffs are now 18 seconds, not 20. My bad…

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