Beta Build 15726: Eclipse Cooldown!

by on May.23, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

A lot of changes were added in 15726, and I’m not sure all of them are definite (the delta in damage between Hurricane and Arcane Storm, for example):

The last one is something we’ve been asking for for a long time.  I’m glad it’s finally made it’s way to fruition.
The issue I have with the change to Wild Mushrooms, the balancing around the Eclipses, etc, is it feels very bland.  Neither Eclipse has it’s own flavor.  The only real differentiation between Eclipses now is whether we cast Starfire or Wrath.  They might as well make those two abilities swap depending on an Eclipse, just like Moonfire and Sunfire.  There is no skill, no differentiation, nothing that makes one Eclipse feel different or unique from the other.

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  • Asrah

    What is the difference between Shadow Bolt, Incinerate, Fireball, Frostbolt, Lightning Bolt, Wrath, Starfire?

    Cast time, graphics, sound fx, spell school, damage, projectile-or-instant, mana cost or even Eclise energy generation are no differences it seems. What could you change to make Starfire and Wrath more different?

    I think graphic, cast-time matters too.
    Cast time matters. It makes you feel dinamic or slow. Switching from the slow casting series to the fast is different from casting the same spell over and over.
    I still remember the mess on the forums because of the Wrath color change. They feel different to do as it would feel different to cast a Fireball instead of Wrath.
    Spellschool matter too, because this is what makes you switch them depending on your Eclipse state.
    Even if they would be as similar as Moonfire and Sunfire but you had 2 buttons instead of 1, that matters too. It makes you think what to push instead of mindlessly smashing the same one.
    Different energy generation means you will have to cast different amounts of each spell before you switch. Once again, you need to think or watch your Eclipse meter. It is not the same as one button pushing.
    This is what I think about Wrath and SF. However I would welcome a more difficult rotation that involves at least 1 more spell. I don’t mean the rotation is fine. I’m just ok with Wrath and SF.

  • Akthalion

    Procs matter and give a unique feel to the spell.

    – Frostbolt procs FoF and has a snare.
    – Fireball procs instant Pyro and Ignite while Frostfire has a snare
    – Incinerate generates embers and consumed by Chaos bolt
    – Lightning Bolt can proc orbs for Fulminate
    – Mind Blast crits after Mind Spikes

    What proc or differentiating property do Wrath and Starfire have? They are both the same spell, you just spam one for a time and then the other, but you really don’t feel the difference between each spell/Eclipse.

    I’ve been saying each Eclipse side should have a different bonus, something that makes each side unique.

  • Sunfyre

    Exactly. The two Eclipses have become so homogenous, what’s really unique about either? What’s the point of HAVING them if they’re going to be transparent and the same? Make it all baseline then.

  • Tiv

    The eclipse mechanic now is much more of a gimmick, without any real unique benefit to either state, so it’s ironic we’ve now been given a spell to get us in an eclipse but no real reason for it other than perhaps after wiping and easily being able to get back into an eclipse, but now for no purpose. I’d much rather prefer it if Lunar had a significant buff to ST (Starfire/Starsurge) DPS, and Solar buff to AoE DPS. It would then make the new spell more purposeful in using, as it now gives you a choice in either ST or AOE DPS.

  • Rodpad

    I made a quick video showing the new Astral Communion spell effect.

    It’s a combination of Astral Form and Starfall.

  • Asrah

    You ignore the fact Wrath and Starfire generates Eclipse energies, but you accept the other class mechanics like Fulmination orb generation and Incinerate ember generation. Ours does the same, you generate energy then consume the energy. Well ofc if you cannot value Eclipse as a true mechanic it will be 0 for you. We still have our Shooting Stars. If they would give Shooting Stars proc to Starfire to make it different from Wrath, then your problem would be that dots only deal damage and has no further purpose.

    Play a few other classes and realize already, they don’t have any deeper play mechanic. Actually most of them are even dumb. The whole meaning for a rotation is simple. To give you an easy to learn hard to master finger dance on the keyboard as much as possible. Eclipse fullfills this. You have to time your trinkets for example and think about when to refresh a dot.
    Eclipses didn’t become homogenous. They were always the same. Cast x amount of Wrath then y amount of Starfire. Its been like this for a while. Did you hate it all over whole Cata? MoP only changed how dots work, but not the way our direct damage spells do. What made is to bad in your eyes?

  • Akthalion

    I never did like Cata Eclipse, except for them eliminating the random over random.

    Flavorwise Wrath Eclipse was much cooler, but just had the problem of rng over rng.

    That’s what a Beta is for, to suggest improvements over what we have.

    They could just eliminate Wrath and Starfire and give just one spells that morphs, then youll realize that your’re basically spamming the same spell over and over again, just getting a different graphic… Having different mechanics and flavors for each spell makes the game less monotonous. We could have the 1 spell and do the same dps as the other classes, but that wouldnt be fun.

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