Eclipse mechanic changes in the future? Insect Swarm returning

by on May.19, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Ghostcrawler has been commenting on the forums regarding a possibility of Insect Swarm returning and the effect it would have.  Ghostcrawler is not happy with the way the Eclipse mechanic has turned out (who has been?).  In Cataclysm, it was all about critter farming to charge it up, and solar cleave for DPS.  He’s worried that they’re now too far at the other end of the spectrum where the game drives our Eclipse mechanic and tells us what to cast with very little input/decision from the player on when they’re in an Eclipse.

From the forums:

We are in fact experimenting with adding Insect Swarm back to the rotation.

As well as:

If we add Insect Swarm back, it would not be just to have another dot to manage, but to give players some way to interact with solar or lunar power more. There are other ways to do that too, so it may not ultimately be Insect Swarm. The rotation is close to where we want it, but it needs just a little more to play with.

At the 5000 foot view, the point of the Eclipse mechanic to begin with was to cast X spells for a time, then switch to Y spells with the Druid having some control over when or why that occurred. We don’t think killing critters to get the bar moving or gaming it so that you stayed at one side of the bar forever really delivered on the vision for Eclipse. However, those tactics did give players some control — a way to game things so that more clever players could extract a bit more performance out of the mechanic.

We are concerned that we are too far to the other extreme now, where the game UI tells you whether to use your solar buttons or lunar buttons and you really aren’t making any strategic decisions. We want to introduce some relatively simple, elegant mechanic to give you more control over how much lunar or solar power you have. Maybe that’s Insect Swarm. Maybe it’s something else. Try it out over the next few builds, keeping in mind that it may take a bit before we have something we are satisfied with.

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