The problems with Force of Nature

by on May.09, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

I was bored tonight and decided to play a bit with Force of Nature.  Here’s what I found:

  • Treants now scale with the casters haste and crit, but not mastery.
  • The melee swings scale better with intellect then Wrath does.  Turning off Wrath causes them to melee for twice as much damage as each Wrath cast.
  • Wrath and the melee swing also scale with agility.  They do 2x as much damage if I’m in cat form when they’re out, since I get the int->agi conversion.

I’m not sure what their end goal of Force of Nature is, but right now the Wrath is in horrible shape.  If it were to have the same scaling as melee and also inherit our Eclipse damage, then they might possibly be viable, but I doubt it.

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  • Asrah

    They should scale from int or agi depending on specialization and they either scale from all secondary stats or none of them. If they only gain from haste and crit, what about players who like mastery? It shouldn’t be a punishment. However if they get stronger with mastery, they should do it all the time, and not only in eclipse. I do not want one more ability that only worth it when I’m in eclipse. I want FoN to be a good gcd anytime. Eclipse is a dmg upgrade on its own. I think our other abilities shouldn’t be forced to use under Eclipse. That just makes us even weaker when not eclipsed in comparsion.

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