Beta Build 15650: More Nerfs

by on Apr.27, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Beta Build 15650 is being released, and the following has been nerfed:

  • Ursol’s Vortex now has a 60 sec cooldown, up from 30 sec cooldown. Now lasts 10 secs, down from 15 secs.

Moonkin can never have anything pretty.

Still no real changes to our level 60 or 90 talents.

Now that the servers are up, I’ve noticed a few undocumented changes:

  • Glyph of Stars ‘spark’ effect has been moved to our feet.  It’s not nearly as obvious now.
  • There’s no longer charges to Wild Mushroom, but the new placing mechanic exists.  It’s much nicer now.

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  • Asrah

    Do you mean we can place shrooms like before, but with the new up to 3 with one hotkey + 3 click mechanism?

    I wish they would reintroduce Insect Swarm in a new form. They even made new icon for the spell and it was used in the Stormrage book too, so I want to keep it. It’s so iconic to a balance druids to call creatures to help them. Not the target takes more damage version though, thats a pain in the ass, good for nothing, except for slowing down the target switch.

  • Kogot

    Hey, i’ve been following you for a while since im a druid lover. I was so looking forward to balance in mists but now I’m not sure. Seems like more hardcasts which definitely won’t be a good thing for pvp. Now a nerf to ursols vortex, an amazing kiting move…am I doomed to play boring feral again?

  • Asrah

    The new shroom placing mechanism may end up as a more painful way to use it. It happens to me that I only need 1 for a quick slow zone. Or there are 3 on the ground already but I want to replace one. It will add an extra esc button. Instead of making it easier, it will be harder if you place less than full stack. They can make it so if you place all 3, you don’t have to push esc, but it cannot work with 1 or 2. A menu option would be nice to turn it on/off.

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