Question of the Week: Keeping the Moonkin?

by on Apr.23, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

So, with all of the changes that are in store for Moonkin in Pandaria, what are your initial thoughts?  Will you be keeping moonkin as your main in Pandaria?  Will you be looking elsewhere?  What are you most looking forward to?  What about least?

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  • mark

    i just recently switch to boomkin from having a tank secondary spec because satchel procs in dungeons were nice but im looking to do some range dps and boomkin would be the way to go i just need some gear but im looking forward to running boomkin in MOP.

  • Galari

    I’m looking forward to the changes and will keep playing moonkin as my main. The changes make life as a moonkin a little bit easier, but without making it too simple. It is a bit sad that we loses a dot, we will not be as good on multi target fights, but at the same time we will (I hope) be better on single target.

    Galari (EU-Arathor)

  • Amorgan

    Not sure at the moment as I haven’t been able to level in the beta yet due to multiple crashes.

    However, my druid will remain my main for Pandaria, he just may take on another role

  • Sabthalion

    It only depends from what I hope it will be a long list of core modification for our spec, starting from erasing tier 6 replacing it with something good (they can put the garbage of HotW as baseline, if they want, or they can trash it that would be better), continue through Incarnation/Celestial Alignment modifies to have a burst dps cd like all the class (not this clunky mess), with maybe something we deserve to be equal or close to the other dps (effective silence, defensive cd, execution phase,…).
    If I won’t see in the live a good part of this (right at the start, not months later as always), after 7 years, I probably and sadly change the class, because between Symbiosis and the dumb hybridization they have implemented, it is clear to me that they haven’t some kind of strategy for us, but from a developer point of view, they are shooting in the dark, hoping to hit something.
    And I’m a bit sick of it.

  • Nikeyeia

    Absolutely. Boomkins have never been more competive in PvP than they are in the beta right now. We get more mobility, CC, and major cooldowns, which we haven’t had before. Boomkins also seem to be doing good in PvE (I haven’t played that much yet).
    I’d like to try out a warlock too. Maybe also a shaman.
    I’m looking forward to the Glyph of the Moonbeast, among others. And the new abilities we get. There isn’t really anything bad, by the looks of what I have played. Maybe except the level 90 talents. I like them alot, but they should really change.
    Overall, they’ve done a really good job so far with MoP.

  • Rodpad

    While the changes do sort of make things a bit more fiddly, I won’t judge until we can really test things out at level 90 in a raiding environment.

  • lissanna

    When I get mad, I work on leveling my gnome mage. I got 2 more levels on miniliss last night, but still hasn’t hit 50, lol. That said, my druid is always my main. :)

  • Doomfowl

    Im not one for jumping ship at all, ive only ever swapped mains once, from a rogue which i played through vanilla (until Trial of the Circle), straight to my moonkin, ive just copyed a couple more classes to my beta account just to give them a try, i do enjoy pvp on the mage, but PVE mage is a yawnfest at best.

    At least with moonkin you have something to think about mechanic wise, instead of just mashing whatever lights up.

    I have an 85 of every class atm, apart from a priest, never had the patience to level one up. i heard shadow is really fun at the moment, but im all outta char slot with having 2 druids :p

    Either way, like others have mentioned here, were getting alot of day to day abilities improvements, in form healing and moonkin roar are great, but apart from the ‘zomggiantchicken’ incarnation just lacks something special to me.

    If they introduce shared achievements, maybe, i have alot of mounts/titles on my druid now.

  • Lunarbomb

    I think that I am going to keep my Moonkin as my main. It was my first toon and I have stuck with through the good times and the bad for balanced druids and I am loving the ability to heal myself during pvp without shapeshifting in the beta

  • Lunarbomb

    Galari- Though I do agree that losing insect swarm is going to stink we will still be fine for multitargets as long as we can keep moonfire up on multiple targets at the same time that is mainly what I do in most multi target trash pulls and fights with massive numbers of adds is moonfire+tab spam (works effectively on madness for killing the tentacles that we are not supposed to aoe effective non aoe/aoe if you catch my drift). Not to mention that you can have both sunfire and moonfire up at the same time the trick is going to be reapplying moonfire/sunfire right before you hit your eclipse so you can maximize the damage done by both dots. (US-Emerald Dream)

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