The lack of Balance Glyphs and how to fix it

by on Apr.09, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Looking at the major glyph situation, Balance Druids are currently left in the dark.  While Glyph of Rebirth will probably be one of our choices, that still leaves two spots unaccounted for.  After speaking with Lissanna earlier today, I came up with the idea for a Glyph of Wild Mushroom.

Glyph of Wild Mushroom allows all three Wild Mushrooms to be cast at once, however the cooldown of Wild Mushroom: Bloom and Wild Mushroom: Detonate is increased to 12 seconds.

Some may balk at the increased cooldown duration.  This increased duration was encountered already with the addition of two extra GCDs, so you’d be at a net neutral.  At lower haste levels, you may actually gain a little bit of time as you haven’t reached the 1.0 second GCD mark yet.

Lissanna thought that 12 seconds might be to overpowered.  I’d still be okay with 15 seconds.  This would certainly be a situational spell.  If extended AoE was required where we’d need to mushroom every ten seconds, it may not be as desired, however if the AoE was burst and only done once at a time, it may be useful.

What do you think?  What additional glyphs would you like to see?  Remember, the thought behind major glyphs is to gain something, you also sacrifice something.  Pure throughput glyphs have gone the way of the Dodo.

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  • lissanna

    I was worried that only increasing the cooldown by 2 seconds would make it a mandatory glyph for resto druids. A more punishing cooldown change for the detonate makes it more situational, which is what major glyphs are supposed to be about.

  • Sunfyre

    I think it could still be situational, even at 12 seconds. If you look at a fight like Ragnaros where seeds may be up for more then one cooldown duration, you may not want to wait an extra two seconds to get that second detonate out.

  • Sunfyre

    Basically if an AoE pack survives for 10 seconds and I’m required to mushroom them again, I probably wouldn’t want the glyph.

  • Akthalion

    Another idea is Glyph of Fungal Growth, increases the radious of Fungal Growth by x yards, but decreases damage of your WM by y%.

    Glyph of Surge. Your Starsurge knock downs enemies.

    Glyph of Earth and Moon. Your Wrath affects a nearby target affected by Sunfire by 50% damage. Your Starfire burns a Moonfired target for 50% damage.

    • Sunfyre

      Starsurge was supposed to knock down and did in early Cata beta. (Since it was such a massive surge of energy). It was removed. I would love to see it return.

  • Doomfowl

    Glyph of Solar Cleave: Your Wraths/Starfires spread the corresponding MF/SF to the next closest target.

    Glyph of Dot Protection: If your Sunfire/Moonfire is dispelled, the dispeller recieves the total sum of dammage that the dot should have done all at once.

    Im not even going to attempt to make these sound like legitimate Glyph descriptions, but you get the idea.

  • Doomfowl

    On a serious note, id like to see something like…

    Your solar beam no longer silences the target, but instead increases dammage recieved by any targets within the radius by 20% (sort of like an AOE vendetta). (usable on bosses)

  • Sabnock

    Wild Mushrooms as base idea, not glyphed, as to have damage inversely proportional to the number of shrooms.
    If you put 1 shroom and you have 100% of damage, if you put 2 shrooms each one does 50% of damage, if you put 3 of them and each shroom does 33.33% of the total damage.
    This solution doesn’t change the snaring purpose, so still you may want to put all 3, but if you want only to do flat aoe damage you have not to waste 3 gdc or event 3 click because it is simply a stupid thing, especially for and healer.
    If you still want badly a glyph and not a solution (a glyph has to be optional, not the way in which you can fix a real problem), that’s how I view a Mushrooms glyph.

    Even if actually shrooms are the last of our problems, with a spec that is still broken.

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