Question of the Week: Mist of Pandaria so far…

by on Apr.07, 2012, under General

From your own experiences if you have beta, or from what you’ve seen here and elsewhere, are you excited about what you see in Mists?  Do you like the changes to Moonkin?  How about other general changes to the game? (Ie: Pet battles, Farmville, etc).


Sound off!

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  • Akthalion

    I was initially very excited with the new talent design for Balance.

    However, its current implementation is severely lacking and uninspired when compared to other classes. The only unique talents now are Wild Charge, Typhoon, Vortex and Tier 4, the rest feel rather uninspired.

    Tier 6 won’t ever feel powerfull without being op in a raid environment. They should just make HotW a baseline ability situational but not that powerful and give us real level 90 talents like the rest of the classes.

    Also, while I like the streamlining of the rotation, they’re leaving it just too one dimensional. They could fix it by returning Insect Swarm as a situational ability (not DoT) or changing Incarnation to behave like Tree of Life.

    Pet battles and Farmville not very interested. Although kinda excited with the new BGs and Scenarios.

  • Mightywing

    To be honest I’m more disheartened than excited at this point. Talking to friends and guild mates about all the cool new toys they get and all I can say is they are tinkering with eclipse again.

    I like the changes, the simplifying of our rotation. I always felt that our rotation in Cata was an invitation for dps loss if you didn’t follow all the theorycrafting going on to maximize set bonuses and what not.

    I wonder if they have gone too far though. As it stands we have two dots that cast from the same button and three nukes. Two that are basically mirrors of each other and the third, well I’m not sure what its purpose is anymore other than being another button to press.

    Speaking of buttons to press, poor Starfall. How far you have fallen. I wonder if the aoe splash damage shouldn’t return to offset Wild Mushrooms aoe for Solar. Otherwise its just a fire and forget nuke that lost its uniqueness.

    As for the talent tree, I keep hoping Blizzard will make another pass of our talents and bring the option of choice they spoke of at BlizzCon. Most tiers fell like there is only one choice for balance. As for Tier 6 I can’t decide what direction Blizzard is trying to take. They give other classes amazing options and we get to be off healers?

    Pet battles and Farmville are neat additions, but I don’t expect them to win over the hearts and minds of players. I would have liked that development time used on updated forms, moonkin has been on the schedule for how many years now?

    I’m most excited about the actual Pandaria, from what I have seen in the beta I hope it will capture the excitement I felt while first questing through Ashenvale, my favorite zone from Vanilla.

    Luckily we are still early in the beta, a lot of changes could be coming. Lets hope our comments are heard and listened to.

  • Rodpad

    I forsee big Heart of the Wild nerfs when guilds start using the cooldown instead of bringing in an extra tank – similar to the Impale soaking we are currently seeing (and most likely not initially intended) in Madness 10 Heroic.

  • Sunfyre

    I honestly hope they scrap Heart of the Wild. I’m a balance druid who does DPS. I have no interested in being a spare tank.

  • Akthalion

    I think its an interesting ability, but it should be a baseline spell and not waste a whole tier of talents. They shouldn’t force on us hybrid talents that will be used only for an improved Tranquility.

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