World of Logs Comparison: Live vs Beta

by on Apr.04, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Since we don’t have Recount available, World of Logs is one of the few places we can go to parse data for MoP.

I have four parses available, and all of them are a 3 minute parse.  (I used my treant cooldown to check).  I used Celestial Alignment once.

Note, to give a demo of treant damage, and since I currently have treants AND Soul of the Forest, I did pop treants to give an example of their damage.

The ‘DPS’ value is a bit off, since there’s a lot of burn-off at the end of the 3 minutes (DoT ticks for about another 10 seconds, plus my trinkets continue to fire and weapon proc).  The overall damage is what you should be concerned with.

Also, my live nukes are doing 3% more damage due to the 2T13 bonus.  Insect Swarm doesn’t exist in MoP and the bonus hasn’t been reworked, so they’re not receiving that extra benefit.

Finally, the uptime percentages are a bit lower since it’s factoring in the burn off time.  The times really should be against 180 seconds, since I did 3 minutes of damage before the burn off.

Live rotation for comparison:

MoP Rotation, same gear, no reforge:

MoP Rotation, reforged to 15% hit:

MoP Rotation, reforged to 15% hit, +5 mastery buff:

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  • hercdeisel

    holy 80% NG uptime batman! That’s a pretty impressive result of cleaning up the pre-eclipse to eclipse transition, only having to cast one dot, soul of the forest, & CA. That mastery buff also looks really nice.

    Thanks for all the great work in beta.

  • Sunfyre

    It’s actually higher — 90%. Factor all the times against 180 seconds, since that’s when I stopped. The extra 10 seconds or so tracked is due to burn off of DoTs and trinket procs, etc.

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