WoL: An analysis

by on Apr.04, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

A lot of interesting information can be gleaned from the world of logs that I’ve posted.

Our base damage is innately lower:

With the loss of 14% spell damage from Earth and Moon and Master Shapeshifter, our base damage is considerably lower.  The 26% coefficient buff to our nukes counteracts this, but if you compare the live parse to the direct copy/no reforge parse, you’ll see even with the nukes, the damage is just about the same, if not lower in some situations.

While our DoT uptime has increased, the damage that our DoTs do is dramatically lower.  Our DoTs tick for about 1k less on average.

Only with the +5 mastery (12.5% eclipse bonus damage), does our DoT damage return somewhat, and it’s still lower than live.  Some of this will be regained from a warlock’s CoE, but we’re still missing 9%.

If Insect Swarm is indeed going to remain gone, the base coefficients of our DoTs need to be increased by the same factor as our nukes for the DoTs to really be competitive.  While other classes are going to gain +5 mastery on top of existing damage, it’s only going to partially recoup lost damage for us.  Our overall damage is indeed higher since we’re transitioning Eclipses much faster and casting more nukes, but our DoT component really hasn’t improved.  The new Starfall only serves to make up for the gap of lost damage in Insect Swarm.

What are your thoughts?

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  • Ohken

    I believe Gray Matter has it right. The 26% increase is for replacing the buff that insect swarm used to give, not Earth and Moon. For Earth and Moon, as you say, warlocks and other classes will provide the buff in a raid setting.

    That said, certainly damage needs to be balanced across the dps classes.

    • Sunfyre

      Earth and Moon was 8% to raid and 2% for us. The new CoE is 5% raidi, so we’re still missing out on 2% that was only ours alone, plus 4% from master shapeshifter.

      Additionally, the 26% increase was not applied to DoTs, so they’re still weak compared to what they would be with Insect Swarm up.

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