Mists of Pandaria: Moonkin PvP Initial Thoughts

by on Apr.03, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria, PVP Discussion

There was quite a bit of Moonkin PvP today in Dawn’s Blossom on beta, and I was able to get a feel for how PvP is shaping up.  I’m a bit concerned.

First off, the loss of Insect Swarm as a DoT really makes hardcasting much more important, and it’s still very hard to do that considering how many classes have an interrupt/spell pool lockout.  And to counter, Solar Beam still has a high cooldown and is not effective against a caster more than once.

So far it appears our snares and roots are right where they should be, although I’m not sure about reducing the charges on Nature’s Grasp from 3 to 1.

Right now, besides hardcasting, the only option we have is to spam moonfire and utilize Lunar Showers.  Additionally, we will no longer get Nature’s Grace right out of the gate in arena, since it is solely tied to Eclipse now.

An ability that should be useful for druids is Celestial Alignment, but honestly, the usefulness is limited for a few reasons:

  • The initial strike is not applied for both moonfire and sunfire, you only get the additional DoT ticks.  This is pretty crippling.
  • Since there’s only one initial strike it only stacks lunar shower once per application.
  • Lunar/Solar energy resets to 0 when you’re done.

I think the issues with Celestial Alignment are easily fixable.  Right now, it sets your energy to 0 at the start and finish of Celestial Alignment.  I propose we no longer set the energy to 0 at the end.  Starfire, Starsurge, and Wrath do not gain/consume energy under Celestial Alignment, so the only energy gains would be from our 4 piece PVP bonus.  I’ve verified that we properly get energy when crit under Celestial Alignment.

Also, causing Moonfire to apply the Sunfire initial damage under Celestial Alignment would help out a lot for burst as well.

Fixing Celestial Alignment alone won’t fix our problems with hardcasting and interrupts, but it’s a start.  Perhaps some sort of interrupt immunity (or even 50% change of immunity) while under Owlkin Frenzy would do the trick.

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  • Akthalion

    Putting Entangling Roots as instant with a cd for Balance only would fix the hardcasting issue.

    An alternative would be to change Owlking Frenzy to instead of increasing damage done by 10%, it would let your next cast instant. This would only proc when you’re being focused when you’re damage is being negated and you cannot cast cc, so the instant would compensate for the lost damage and presure. Kind of like a defensive Feral Predatory Strikes.

    • Sunfyre

      The issue with entangling roots is it won’t help against casters with silences, but it’s a start. Plus, it seems so many melee can break snares that rooting them doesn’t do much good anymore. (Especially with only one charge of Nature’s Grasp).

  • Akthalion

    Not directly, but an instant Entangling Roots would go a long way controling casters and healers positioning and line of sight, which is more important.

    Yeah, I’ve never been a fan of Nature’s Grasp. It has never been an effective way to get melee off you when they’re already next to you, it goes wasted as many times melee just stun you back. If we could use roots proactively we could root the melee before he gets to us and get a cast or two then.

  • Gorg

    I’m actually not that much worried about Moonkins PvP stance.

    We get Ursols Vortex and Disengage, our dot(s) won’t be dispelled instantly, roots won’t be dispelled instantly, maybe some spells will be changed so that we get a survival CD (Resto und Feral have multiple while Moonkin has none), we get Last Stand, get Glyph of Stampede, get Glyph of Moonbeast and we won’t generate eclipse energy with MF spam. We won’t be the main target in rated PvP anymore, bc we have so many ways to escape. We will be the new frostmages for meele. Our damage won’t suffer under spam dispel and the new glyphs are closing major gaps in our gameplay. If we get tunneled we can MF spam without sacrificing eclipse energy. Kicks are also getting a higher CD. Our damage will be overwhelming during CA.

    We will be able to hardcast much more than we do now and we will get much more ways to escape, so we’ll most likely stand outside of the zerg and nuke them. Since IS was removed without a comment I still expect a new mechanic/spell for our gameplay being added in the following beta builds. Also Moonkin does need some Major glyphs for PvE and some talents changed (cough T6 cough), so many things are yet to change.

  • Balourd

    Do you think Hybrid will be the way to go in PVP to get as many tools as possible, sacrificing perhaps damage? Adept in all, master in none strategy?

  • Baluu

    We may get some defensive CDs, but I cant see how we can dish out some dmg while being focused (and we all now we get focused), the game is mostly insta cast and we have lots of hardcasts.. I think owlkin frenzy should have a bigger buff like op just said, 50% immunity with some thorns dmg maybe? 10/15% to proc? % to spell reflect while owlkin frenzy is active? id certainly like that!

  • Morff

    Melee escaping from roots has always been a problem in pvp. It would be less of a problem if they didn’t break on damage, but I can literally break my own cc on my next damage spell….which makes it highly useless in pvp.

    It’s always been my opinion that (for moonkin spec only), fungal growth should trigger under the roots target if roots is broken by damage.

  • Migsy

    So…7 months after this post (and 1.5 months after MOP release), do we still feel the same? Cause it seems like Balance druids have been given more to survive $hit, but at the cost of the dmg we put out.

    Sure, it’s great to be able to shapeshift into stag form and ‘hop’ ahead to get away from someone, for example–but half the classes have a gap closer these days. And With a full set of pvp gear and 58% dmg reduction from resilience, and 26% +dmg from PVP Power, it takes approximately 10 moonfire spams before you can get dmg through the shields that clothies can wear. blah.

    At least they gave us healing back again. It made no sense that DK’s, Warriors, and rogues could heal more over-time than we could. Wait! I thought it made no sense that those classes should get a heal in the first place. I remember…

    We still can’t get silenced or stunned or we’re done for. And there’s still a path issue with mushrooms(even tho there was when they introduced the ability, but ‘fixed’ it when they removed the cast time on it), but i guess they nerf’d the dmg so much on it that its hardly useful at this point.

    It’s a lot more fun playing boomkin in PVP in MOP. But probably only if you enjoy being a distraction. I find that i do more dmg when i shapeshift and utlize the feral forms and i do more healing when i play boomkin. *shrug*

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