Plan on looking silly (or like a vampire) for awhile more..

by on Apr.02, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

This is from Wryxian on the EU forums:

We want to clarify a bit more about the Moonkin model update being “in the schedule.” Essentially this means that though it is on the way, it is not currently intended to be ready for the launch of Mists of Pandaria.

Time for more sad panda.

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  • Akthalion

    Sigh… I hope they at least do a cool Chosen of Elune form and don’t just resize regular Moonkin Form

  • Azrael

    I think you should see this more positively. This means they’re definitely on the list already.

    I never really expected them to be ready for MoP, anyway, given just how busy the art team must be. And we still can’t be sad pandas.
    /wtb time machine, forcing Cenarius to teach the Pandaren Druidism. PST

  • Akthalion

    The problem is they have promised the exact same thing for Lich King and for Cataclysm as well, and they never take the time to do it. =(

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