Day 6 MoP Moonkin Round-Up…

by on Mar.31, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Welcome to day six of the Moonkin Round-Up, which is also the first day I actually have Beta to do my own reports.

I have just a few changes I want to report on, and I hope to get some videos up tomorrow for all of you.

  • Astral Form was adjusted, it looks like.  You’re still the translucent ghost form, but there’s lightning that streaks around you and little glowy whisps that depart your body.  I feel very much like Edward from Twilight.
    • Astral Form is an actual different buff titled ‘Astral Form’. Casting incarnation reverts you back to normal moonkin form while it’s active.
  • Crit gained from intellect was scaled back. I went from about 20% crit to 12% crit.

Addons are currently disabled, so I have no way of really judging DPS at this point.

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  • Rodpad

    Ah I’m glad they’re still tweaking Astral Form as it did feel very unfinished and just slapped in there.

    Do you have a video or images of the new Astral Form? I’m on the beta myself but am waiting on a character copy for the moment.

    Great blog by the way, it’s been my daily stop for a while now.

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