Anti-Symbiosis Rant of the Day…

by on Mar.25, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria, Rants

From the MMO-Champion Druid forums:


Hold on 1 sec… I really thought this was a joke! Are they really gone mental or something? Every pvp team, will have a druid, if not 2 or all being preferable, depending on the implementation of the spell. Its so ridicules I’m sure that everyone who ever had a nut-ball idea for their favourite class (myself included) will now actually believe they can have the ‘stealth circus-pegasus noob discriminator’ ability w/o gcd (not included here)! Apart from the practical imbalance, there are some ethical rules being cast aside – are we not all equal in the blizzard god’s eyes?? Well, I thought we were at least supposed to be (even if some are less fortunate and have to eat out of dumpsters every now and again) and that there was a pretension to the idea that ‘we are all the blessed children. Even you Ele Sham, your ugliness makes all greater for your departure to the graveyard’. But hold on, now things have changed! You could say that the DK was a touch evangelistic- everyone gets one, robs all good stuff from the poor kid (enhance D': ), laughing heartily etc, etc but here we go, the messiah himself, the first coming has been taken over by the pagans and the big J has arrived dressed in any ‘ol varmet’ hat he can get his head under so as he can dole out ‘favours for favours’. Everyone wants a piece of him now – they’l want to be him, they’l want to know him, do his laundry, clean his feet, no one will actually want to be anyone else but Big J, and eventually they’l take over america, i mean azeroth. My point is that, this is something like a phenomenon – I mean, I just realised that I wasted my SoR boost to L80 on a flippin mage! Actually, it is a joke,.. yes, i’m sure now. All of those who got there boost on Big J are gonna find out April 1 that, in fact, you just cant have that ‘stealt circus pegasus’ even in fantasy land there are rules! THINK of the RUUUUULES wont you please think…. yes, in the end surely it will something like ‘you can give an ability to another player until you are but a naked toon who has learned his lesson from big J that being greedy and wanting to have everything everyone else has is not always the greatest cause for your actions to find fruit’. Happy 4/1, roll on 21/12 when the druids are in charge!

And the best reply ever, from Warwulf:

Cocaine is a hell of a drug…


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