Day 2 MoP Round-Up

by on Mar.23, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Another exciting day of discoveries in Pandaria.  I’m still waiting for my beta key. *grump*.  The biggest revelation is the symbiosis assignments.  An entire post devoted to that can be found below.

  • Hamlet has derived the spell power coefficient for Force of Nature.  It is much better than the current values:
    • Base damage = 475 average (450-500 range)
    • Spellpower scaling = 0.2552
  • Multiple sources have also verified that true to the new tooltip, Wrath now gives 15 energy, and not the 13/13/14 energy it currently gives.
  • Celestial Alignment also seems to preserve the initial ‘Eclipse alignment’ when it expires.  If you cast celestial alignment after a wipe, when you’re at 0 energy, for example, you can use Wrath or Starfire once Celestial Alignment is over to push the energy in the direction desired.  Conversely, if you cast celestial alignment immediately after Lunar Eclipse expires, it’ll point towards Wrath afterwards.
  • Sunfire remains on your toolbar until Lunar Eclipse is achieved.  It does not return to Moonfire as soon as Solar Eclipse expires.
  • Starsurge extends DoT duration while in Eclipse.  It’ll only extend the associated Eclipse’s DoT.
  • Lissanna reports that the Incarnation mechanic differs from that in the Talent Calculator
    • It now currently doubles Eclipse energy spent/gained, whether in or out of Eclipse.
      • Casting Wrath always consumes or gives 30 Energy, Starfire gives 40 energy
    • This is preferred because it gives near 100% DoT uptime, and transitioning to each Eclipse is now more important then lingering in one.
      • Especially since Starfall refreshes every Lunar Eclipse.
  • Lissanna also reported that the Glyphed Tree of Life is the Treant graphic from Burning Crusade, not the Cataclysm tree.


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