Day 1 MoP Moonkin Round Up..

by on Mar.22, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

Since I’m still a sad panda, I’m having to rely on other sources for Moonkin information.  I’ll properly credit those where I can.  The round up posts will be updated during the day, so check back frequently.  I’ll bold the new items in each update.

Tecton of ElitistJerks noticed a few changes in mechanics:

  • Wrath energy is gained immediately upon cast, not upon spell landing.  That lag (that was really annoying for Ragnaros) no longer exists.
  • There’s no longer a lag between landing Eclipse and getting the buff.  You should no longer need to pre-cast spells.
  • Sunfire and Moonfire can simultaneously exist on a target.
  • DoTs keep the static spellpower upon cast, even when refresh by Wrath/Starfire.  They do not dynamically update each refresh.
  • Glyph of the Stars form allows us to mount.  It turns  the mount a ghostly blue.

Lissanna was able to play with some mechanics.  Images are below.  She’s noticed:

  • Balance Force of Nature treants are now blue, and cast Wrath
  • Anyone can use the Tree of Life glyph, you do not need to be restoration.
  • The graphic for Astral Storm (Lunar Hurricane) is a blue version of Hurricane.

huth from the MMO-Champion forums noted some changes to the Force of Nature scaling as well as how Celestial Alignment works:

  • Naked, treants hit for about 800.
  • In full T13 gear, they hit for ~3.3k and melee for about ~1.8k.  The treants will attempt to get out of melee range and cast as soon as possible.
    • It appears that int scaling for treants has been increased considerably.  In Cataclysm, while it scales, it’s rather horrible.
    • Treants do not appear to scale from the druids’ haste or crit.
  • Celestial Alignment gives all the benefits of being in an Eclipse. Also, Starsurge extends the durations of both dots simultaneously.
    • Trying to find out if starsurge extends the DoTs while NOT in Celestial Alignment.  It’s not noted on the tooltip anywhere.
  • Moonkin Wild Charge is basically the same as Hunter Disengage.


Force of Nature


Arcane Storm

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3 Comments for this entry

  • PFDruid

    I was kind of hoping that either Incarnation or Force of Nature added a little spice to our rotation. Right now Tier 4 seems boring.

    Check Shamans Tier 6, both new pets have synergy with the shaman, not just a fire and forget spell.

    I would love to see Incarnation become something like Tree of Life cooldown.

    • Sunfyre

      Right now napkin math is showing Incarnation and Soul of the Forest to be just about the same DPS wise, but will just depend on the fight whether you want a steady DPS increase or a burn increase.

  • PFDruid

    Yeah however Incarnation reduces Nature’s Grace uptime, DoTs uptime, less Starfall so it might help with burst but not on the long term dps.

    I just dont feel that Tier 4 to have much of a choice right now.

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