Astral Form, Stag and Orca screenshots

by on Mar.22, 2012, under Mists of Pandaria

I’m quite literally a sad panda, no pun intended, as I do not have beta access yet.  Lissanna of Restokin has the beta downloaded and has begun to share with us her findings.  Here’s the screenshots for stag and orca form, as well as Astral Form.



And last but not least, Astral Form:

What are your opinions so far?  I wish they would have done more with Astral Form then give us the one graphic that’s possibly older than Moonkin Form… but, at least it’s something.

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  • Terry

    Sooooooo they made new graphics for aquatic form and travel form but not a new moonkin form???? Seriously? wtf is that about?

  • Scunosi

    To be fair, the Orca and Stag models are both old, too, though to varying degrees. The Orca was made for Wrath and so looks very nice, while the Stag has been in-game since launch I’d assume, as they’re found all over the old Night Elf questing zones.
    I was kind of hoping they’d use the Malorne model (though less Ancient-y and fancy I guess) but I’ll take it over nothing. At least they finally wised up and are finally using Glyphs for good!

    Plus maybe we can take the Moonkin model as a good sign for finally getting our update; they don’t wanna put too much work into something that’s gonna change soon. We can hope, right?

  • Redcinder

    You can see your armor in astral form :S ? Thats good and what many many people have been asking for

  • Balourd

    Woulda loved to see Astral form be some kind of Algalon model mashup with how you look in game. I know it’s probably sooooo much work to do for the designers, but the constellation look is one of my favourite looks in the game.

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