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by on Dec.14, 2011, under General

Hi guys,


Sorry for my lack of posting lately.  Really haven’t played WoW much since I got back from vacation, and I’ve just now recently started raiding again (although only via LFR).  I’ll try to catch up on your questions, etc., shortly.  I won’t lie, though, I’ll probably be pretty busy with Star Wars: The Old Republic in the next few weeks as well, but I should have plenty of time to keep things updated here.


Again, thanks to Balourd for stepping in during my (unannounced) absenses, and I look forward to seeing more posts from him in the future.

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  • Balourd

    TraitOR!!! TraitOR ! TOR? get it?
    I’d like to organize a LFR with some fellow Moonkin. Think it’s possible to set a date and all group up and have fun, compare e-peens, and discuss performance?

  • Lobol'jin

    Hey SF! I know you have not hung out your Boomkin, but I have thanks to TOR. Playing a BH on Jung Ma called Lobo.

    I MAY be back in WoW for Mist, but not really looking forward to it.

    I will keep reading the Blog, Balourd has done great updating so I hope the Nest keeps me entertained as I read updates (and nerfs) to our beloved Spec, even if I am not playing.

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