Deathwing’s Final Stand

by on Dec.09, 2011, under General

Okay, let’s hear it !
Considering your experiences in Dragon Soul, how do you feel Moonkin DPS is doing compared to the other classes, other contents, between fights?
Any tips you have, share away!

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  • Doomfowl

    Im pleasently surprised when i read that, Both Skelectric and Exera have the staff, i dont :(

  • Annkin

    Yeah, but Doomfowl, this fight is a multidot fight so… When I look at other fights, like morchock heroic, our dps drops a lot. Movement fight just kills us…and there is a lot of movement fights in DS.

    Some fight are good for us because of dot damage but some are plainly bad.

  • Balourd

    I agree Annkin, I’ve topped damage done on fights like Gunship but very low on fights like Ultraxion (even though it’s a relatively static fight).

  • gore

    I find that as soon as moonkins get the legendary our single target is quite competitive.

    Also, if some of you don’t know yet. Moonkins are #1 priority for Dark Intent now.

  • Sunshining

    can sb confirm the DI prio change and explain?

  • Annkin

    Yeah, DI is good, but those numbers are innacurate.

    While it’s true giving us DI will yield almost 99% uptime for the warlock on tank and spank fight it might not yield the most beneficial dps… DPS ranking by gain of DI is as follow (thank you warlock EJ) :

    DPS Rankings

    Rank Class
    1 Shadow Priest
    2 Fire Mage
    3 Balance Druid
    4 Elemental Shaman
    5 Frost Mage
    6 Arcane Mage
    7 Feral Druid
    8 Feral Druid (Hit Cap)
    9 Survival Hunter
    10 Retribution Paladin
    11 Combat Rogue
    12 Unholy DK (2H)
    13 Assassination Rogue
    14 Frost DK (2H)
    15 Marksman Hunter
    16 Beast Mastery Hunter
    17 Enhancement Shaman
    18 Frost DK (1H)
    19 Unholy DK (1H)

    But it is still true that the personal gain for the warlock is the following depending on class :

    Rank Class Uptime
    1 Balance Druid 99%
    2 Shadow Priest 98%
    3 Survival Hunter 98%
    4 Feral Druid 95%
    5 Feral Druid (Hit Cap) 93%
    6 Fire Mage 88%
    7 Frost Mage 82%
    8 Assassination Rogue 76%
    9 Elemental Shaman 74%
    10 Unholy DK (1H) 72%
    11 Beast Mastery Hunter 69%
    12 Combat Rogue 66%
    13 Arcane Mage 62%
    14 Unholy DK (2H) 60%
    15 Marksman Hunter 57%
    16 Enhancement Shaman 55%
    17 Retribution Paladin 46%
    18 Frost DK (2H) 41%
    19 Frost DK (1H) 40%

  • gore

    I’m pretty sure those numbers haven’t been updated for 4.3.

  • Annkin

    But they are backed up by an analysis, one which I can’t confirm for the mmo-champion ones… that’s all I meant to say.

    But this strays from the intended discussion, let’s get back to it.

  • Dryadne

    I feel we could be doing better, although this could be due to Owlkin Frenzy currently being bugged

  • whiteglow

    doomfowl im in a 10man, i did 52k on my first kill of madness, so im not proud of you son.

    And I dont have the legendary, I wish I had tho

  • thalia

    Owlkin Frenzy does not proc in the Ultraxion encounter and I feel that it is a huge DPS loss. I have been min-maxing my toon for as much haste as possible, and yet I still feel like it isn’t enough to be competitive in that fight. Suggestions/comments are welcome :)

    • Balourd

      It’s a no-movement fight, too, I was expecting to be higher on damage done, but I can’t break top 3. Any fight with multiple adds will give us the edge because our dots are so strong. Madness of Deathwing is a great example of where I can have 10% damage done vs the next best dps sitting at 8%. Gunship fight is also a good fight for this.

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