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by on Nov.26, 2011, under General

Allright, it’s been announced, you probably heard about it everywhere. Whether you’re hyped for it or depressed about it is up to you.

Here are the changes and upcoming revamps concerning Moonkin :

  • Eclipse gave Hurricane its chance in Lunar Eclipse:
    • When you reach 100 lunar energy you will deal 25% more arcane damage and Hurricane will become Arcane Storm. When triggered, both lunar and solar eclipses grand 1% spell haste and energizes you for 16% of your total mana;
  • I also tried to find Nature’s Grace, but it seems as if its gone;
  • Moonkin Aura is back to its 5% crit to raid members;
  • You get Leather Specialization as soon as you spec into something;
  • Moonkin Form now increases damage from arcane and nature by 20%;
  • Insect Swarm is revamped : Now increases damage from Wrath, Starfire and Starsurge by 30%;
  • Faerie Fire lost its stack mechanic, now 12% right off the bat;
  • Barkskin is not Moonkin-spec exclusive, reseto will get Ironbark (same effect basicaly);
  • Shooting Stars, Omen of Clarity, Euphoria, Owlkin Frenzy, Lunar Shower, Balance of Power and Mastery are now passives you get throughout your leveling. You get the benefits automatically : no more point investing.
  • Killer Instinct increases your agility by 100% of your intellect when in Cat or Bear Form;
  • SYMBIOSIS : New ability available at lvl 87 : grants the druid one of the target’s ability depending on the target’s class and the druid’s spec. In exchange, gives the target a druid ability depending on the druid’s spec.
    • This ability is crazy cool! I’d imagine that for moonkins, it will be beneficial to give it to a caster, probably ideally a mage or elemental shaman.

This is all the changes I could spot in one overview, of course if you didn’t give the new talent calculator a look, check it out over the official website.

Welcome back home Sunfyre!

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  • Azrael

    I think Nature’s Grace was rolled into Eclipse. The 1% spell haste buff.

  • Vertel

    Confirmed, Nature’s Grace has been rolled into eclipse. A blue post today also clarified some interesting matters. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3595574507?page=1#7

    * The Eclipse tooltip is wrong; the buff remains 15%, not 1%.
    * Revive is class-wide, not resto-spec.
    * Lunar Shower will be mandatory, but they’re apparently planning to change its mechanics. No details on that yet.
    * Sunfire and Moonfire can stack (!).

  • BAlourd

    Interesting how Sunfire and Moonfire can stack, do you think we’ll be having 3 dots up as much as we can all the time?
    I’m glad the tooltip was wrong about the Nature’s grace. 1% seemed very very VERY wrong.

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